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Our morning service began with Bro. Dale opening with a good morning to all. He asked for prayer requests and there were many. Bro. Gregg led in prayer. We had the pledges to the flags and for the Bible. We sang for Jesus. We gave our gifts for Sunday school with Sister Shirley blessing them in prayer. Then the classes took their places. Bro. Bob began with a good morning. The lesson from Acts 5:1-42. We had lots of class comments and discussion. It was a good lesson from Bro. Bob.

We sang Happy Birthday to Sister Peggy Potts, Kathlyn Bingham and Maddox Snow. We sang Happy Anniversary to Ed and Phyllis Robertson, 57 great years.

We sang for the Lord then gave our gifts for the Lord with Sister Carla leading in prayer. We had specials from Sister Sharron, Bro. Dale, Sister Juanita and Sister Peggy. We had a handshake and then Bro. Gregg led in prayer and brought us a good message from St. John 5:1-14. He fed us well. We closed with a song and altar prayer. Bro. Dee dismissed us with prayer.

It was youth night and Dominic took over the service. We had our prayer circle with lots of prayer requests. Sister Peggy led in prayer. We sang for Jesus and had specials from Sister Carla and Sister Peggy.

Dominic and Sister Carla read us some verses and comments about what Jesus means to us. How we can be a child of God. Why we should pray and talk to the Lord. Keep God in our lives and our heart. With altar prayer we closed with a song and Dominic asked Bro. Gregg to dismiss us.

It was a wonderful day in the Lord. It went along with our Saturday night singing. I am sure we all got a blessing at the singing and in the service today. Remember next month the Fourth Saturday Night we will do it again. Come and join us.

Next Sunday, July 6th we will have Bro. Mark Wilbanks as the speaker for the morning and evening service.

Have a great week, keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.

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