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Goodhope News

Friday night several gathered at the home of Benny and Vanessa Thomas and kids for barbecue and lots of good food and fireworks at dark. It was also Chester and Pat Thomas’ 50th anniversary.

Saturday night Goodhope General Baptist had barbecue with side dishes under the gazebo. Susan Sinclair on guitar and me (Sue) on keyboard provided some music. Cindy Winslow helped sing some, also, Lisa and Kayli Brown. One of the songs we did was written by the late Tom Brown in 1976, How God Will Bless America Again, but we must all do our part to help bring the last sheep in. Then we watched an awesome firework display. We had great attendance.

Sunday morning was a beautiful morning to go to the house of God. After each Sunday school class was dismissed we went to the sanctuary to worship with prayer and song and watched the children do the penny march. We had an opening congregational song with handshaking to welcome everyone.

Bro. Lance prayed over all prayer requests and read announcements. Everyone joined in with singing, which was good and prayer was said over tithes and offerings.

Harley did a special song with guitar, he did a wonderful job.

Pastor Dave asked Danny, Ray, Shorty, Carl, Jerry, Donnie and Lance to come forward. They joined hands in a circle and prayed over Pastor Dave’s sermon and service.

Pastor Dave used scriptures Col. 2:6-12, John 1:11, Romans 8:11-17 and Matt. 11:28. Think about Jesus Christ and where are you in your walk with Him? Walk hand in hand with Him. Is your walk going to lead you to Heaven? At the close of his message, the altar was opened. Several responded.

Our attendance Sunday morning was 76. Some were out sick, some on vacation.

Sunday night we heard some good testimonies, had good singing. Bro. Dave used scripture Isaiah 43:1-3, “We are called by name.” When we think no one cares God cares. God calls us by name.

When we face tribulation – focus on Jesus Christ – move ever onward.

Sunday morning, July 13, we will have “Bluegrass Traditions” as a special singing group in our morning service.

Happy Birthday this week to Bro. Lance Stillings and Ervin Schultz. July church calendar is full of birthdays and anniversaries. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary everyone!

Until next week: What God has planned for people who love Him is more than eyes have seen or ears have heard. It has never even entered our minds!

You’re always welcome at Goodhope General Baptist to worship with us. We have Bible study on Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m.

I’m sure everyone has enjoyed this nice weather over the fourth of July holidays. It has been a while since we have had it so nice, we’ll take more.

Last week Kenny and Seth Hunt spent several days with Norma Cross at Goodhope. They went home on Monday evening and Kenny ended up in the emergency room. He was suffering with a real bad gallbladder, which they removed on Wednesday. He is still at Cox at this time, but is improving slowly. Norma has been with him during the day. She had car trouble Saturday evening around Ozark. She spent the weekend with Genevia and Punk.

Kelly and DeAnn Thompson took Kailey and her friends, Kalie Jenkins, Abbigail Huskey and Hailey Herrell to St. Louis to watch a big bunch of amateur bands. It was for teenagers. I guess there were hundreds of people. They all came down here Friday evening to set their fireworks off.

Philippians 4:13, ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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