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Girdner Church

Good morning from all of us here at Girdner! We had some great services this weekend. We had several visitors and lots of songs and testimonies at each service.

We are going to start Bible school tonight, and it will go through Friday, so looking forward to that.

Our granddaughter, Caitlynn, attended camp at Camp Joy  last week, and went back again this week for teen week. Her first week as a teen at camp! This is a great opportunity for the young ones to learn more about God and find a closer walk with Him.

Miss Naomi is home! She seems to be getting back to her spunky self, so hoping she can soon be back with us at church. We sure do miss her when she is gone. We still have some going through some battles with cancer and other health problems in our church and also in the community. Please keep them in your prayers. God knows their names and cares so much for each of them.

Our superintendant, Bro. Larry, said something before preaching service I felt  was so good and it got me to thinking. He said we shouldn’t waste our time. He was speaking of a loss of hearing, and how we don’t use that time we have, that hearing as we should, maybe we don’t protect it as we should in our early years. Maybe we don’t listen to what we should. So goes with serving our Lord, we waste so much time, that has been given to us, that we could be serving Him, and we waste it on so many other things that can’t bring us near the peace that God has to offer us when we draw close to Him and make Him our most important thing in life. I am speaking to me now, you all may have this down, but I am still working on this! God has given us an allotted time while we are here on this earth to serve Him and to share our love for Him with others that they may see, and have a desire to want to know of Him also.

Sis. Maxine’s message was from Colossians 2. Her message was centered on, “We are complete in Him!” God wants us to get this, I believe, cause its been the message for several weeks and even when Sis. Freeda preached last week. We need nothing added or taken away, we are complete in Him. Isn’t it wonderful that we have a free access to our Lord, through Jesus Christ? We don’t have to go through a priest or have a sacrifice, we just call out to God ourselves and He hears our prayers! For those times when we are so burdened down and don’t know how, or what to pray, we have the Holy Spirit, who takes our needs to Him and interceeds for us. God sure knew what we was going to need, he gave us a saviour and dear friend in Jesus, and a Holy Spirit to be our comforter and guide in our daily walk. This is just another way God shows us how much He loves us!

 Sunday night we had more visitors, and another great service. Sis. Maxine’s message was from 1 Kings 19. Elijah had been such a great man of God in the previous chapter and did such great things. Now we find him in this chapter wishing he could just die. Do we ever wish that? Maybe when we have just went through a struggle, maybe sickness, watched a loved one suffer. Sometimes life just seems so hard to bear and we just want to give up. That’s when we need our fellow Christians to stand in the gap for us, to pray for us, to hold us before the Lord and cry out for us when we don’t have the voice to do it ourself. But sometimes we give up, we don’t let those know that can help us in prayer, we stay at home. Maybe we just hide from everybody and try to handle things ourself. That’s what Elijah did. He hid under the Juniper tree, but God never gives up on us, just as He didn’t on Elijah. Thank God, for all my church family that has held me and mine up so many times in prayer.

When you read this we will have already been in Bible school for a few days which will still be going through Friday night from 5-6 pm. We would like for you to come.

In closing I’d like to share another good post I found this week, “Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith in God!”

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