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Sunday, June 29th, this has been an unusal late June day, sunshiny and rainy, of course we need the rain, especially this time of year.

Carol Wise and Riley O’Shea visited Sunday and had dinner with Ann Collins.

Saturday night Sirena and Jonah Melton had a cookout to honor Isabell Bradshaw who had turned 8 on the 24th. Those attending were Ann Collins, Ella May Daugherty, Karen and Doug Fredrick, Ginny (a friend of Sirena’s) and her two little girls, Cole and Isabell. Izzy got her right hand broken in a car door earlier in the week.

My grandson, Devin Griffith, spent most of last week at a Boy Scout Camp.

Ann Collins and I visited Bertha Scherer a while Wednesday evening.

Karen Fredrick, Cole and Izzy Bradshaw visited Agnes Williams Saturday at Willow Care.

Birthday greetings this month to Olivia Daugherty the 9th, Ada Beard the 17th and Cholie Collins will be 1 year old the 29th.

Well better quit this, Tracy and Hannah are here to take me for my protime test.

Take care and be a good neighbor.

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