Dogwood Ramblings

The days seemingly slide by one after another, with a break in between for those fun days driving to Springfield for medical appointments.  There, they weigh you every time, take blood pressure, etc. ad nauseum!  They even have the audacity to say I’ve shrunk an inch.  Oh well, even my trousers tell me I’ve lost some height.

Randy’s friend, Donald Jones, stopped to visit and took home quite a few Hostas.  Their cute little dog, Hattie (a Chihuahua), startled my house cat.  Aaron and crew came to mow everything and it looks so very nice for a few days.  I encountered neighbor Eva White in Ava for a short visit.  Otherwise, it has been very quiet up on this hill.

Another trip to Springfield and thankfully, they pulled me off of a medication that was causing side effects.  My good friend Rosie Harris was kind enough to drive me up there.  It is so strange to feel weird and can’t do anything about it.  We had such a good visit on the road though.

Take care of yourselves in this heat friends.