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Dogwood Ramblings

Time for posting this column seems to come faster and faster and there are days I consider just not writing anything.  Then, last Friday in an Ava store a city person came up and said how much he enjoys the Ramblings.

With the election fast approaching, another unsolicited sign went up on our fence and on request it was taken down.  This is nothing against the candidate.  It is just that a sign gives the impression that the land owner approves of this candidate, sending a message that may not be in agreement with the land owner.  Requests of this nature need to be cleared with the land owner ahead of time as the fences belong to the land owner, not the county or the state.  We’ll probably go through this again in November.  I don’t allow signs on my property as this has been the polling place for many years (28 years if I recall correctly) and much as I would like to have some signs up, I cannot in good conscience express my opinion with signs or try to influence anyone.

A few years ago, while an election was in progress, one dedicated voter decided to set up signs and other material with his van on my driveway.  Quite an argument went on as this person said that as a polling place, the property belonged to the state for that day.  Wrong!  This voter finally removed his signs and moved on.  I am the one who pays the property taxes, not the state or county, and no one is allowed to politic or to advertise their opinion here during elections.  Even the polling judges must be careful what they say.

Randy and Ron got another load of hay in the barn.  Those who do not farm the land or have dairy or beef cattle usually have no idea how labor intensive this is.  Of course, most hay is now in big round bales moved by tractors, but many of you can remember baling, loading and stacking square bales as a few still do.  That is back breaking labor in the heat and humidity while praying for the rain to hold off, just a little bit, and I am so thankful to not have to do that anymore.  One year as I was tossing square bales off the truck bed to husband Willie who was in the barn, something punctured my glove and hand and we found a dead copperhead wrapped into a bale.  Fortunately, it was a thorn that “got me,” but sure was scary for a bit.  All this of course, was between morning and evening milking of the cows and very long days.

Patsy Williams called with some information on Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church.  Sunday the 13th they had the pleasant music of the Fourth Calvary as a special.  Saturday the 19th they had a picnic up on Z Hwy. at Walt and Lelani Dickerson’s place playing games from 4 to 6 p.m., then eating and then they sang until 8 p.m.  Sunday the 20th after church service they enjoyed all the leftovers from Saturday’s gathering, enjoying the food and fellowship.  Pastor Carl Ray’s wife, Lavita, has children’s church and on Sunday the children sang at the start of church service.  Patsy reminds us that they have Bible Study every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m., presently on Psalms and then when school starts again they will be studying the Book of John.  Pleasant Ridge invites all to join them.

Finally the painting is done and everything looks so fresh.  Of course, a little bit of scrubbing here and there did help.

Remember to pray for our nation, and for the world.  There is so much sadness everywhere.

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