Dogwood Ramblings

The nicest “Thinking of You” card arrived a few days ago from Eva Wymer who now lives up by Macks Creek.  She has been busy gardening (can you imagine that??) and she is already enjoying strawberries, Swiss chard, zuchinni, tomatoes and peppers and her pole beans are loaded with blossoms.  Soon she will be smiling on cantaloupes and watermelons.  Both Eva and I have been having some health issues – to be expected at our age – but we still get up in the mornings with a smile, a prayer of thanks, and do something.

Countryside came and did the mowing and trimming.  Randy Dugan has also been mowing and of course, Bob Wagner keeps his place so nice.  For the few who look from side to side on Hwy 14 (when they aren’t speeding) they can see what appears to be a park.  The Schultz family keeps their place nice and of course, so does Randy Boeddeker.  I told Bob if we had picnic tables and such out there, people would want to pull over for a break.  I recall trips with my parents many years ago and we always had a picnic basket along as it was too expensive to go into a restaurant or café and I sure don’t recall any fast food places.  Back then, there were many places along the roadside to pull over and have a picnic lunch, an opportunity to visit with other travelers, a chance to stretch one’s legs, to get out of that car as there wasn’t any air conditioning.

At the cardiologist’s office Thursday, the little lady in front of me was a bit stooped and had a walker, but her answer to how she managed to be 100 (to be 101 in October) before she shuffled along to her appointment, her reply was excellent.  She said she still lives alone, only eats food that she and her family have grown in their gardens, canning what they have raised with no growth additives or other chemicals, and that they raise their own meat and milk supply.  She commented that today’s children are raised on chemicals and additives and junk foods, and no wonder so many are on medications such as those for ADD and other problems.  So few today remember living like that!

A Facebook “thing” came from Jocelyn Downs a few days ago and it has set my head a spinning.  Basically it is a challenge to set a time on your clock and then for the next 24 hours not to complain about anything.  I’ve given this much thought, mentioned it to some others on Sunday who think it a great idea, and quite frankly I don’t think I’m up to this challenge.  Although there is always so very much for which to be thankful it seems there is much room for complaints: politics, drivers, prices, those who don’t think as “we” do, TV programming, weather, etc. etc.  I’m still pondering this but may not report on my failure.  Can anyone reading this go 24 hours without a complaint?

Ron & Randy got another field of hay baled and placed in the barn, ahead of Sunday night’s rain.  No complaints there (except supper got to be very late).

Election time isn’t far away so it is hoped you are doing some serious thinking.