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Dogwood Ramblings

July 4th, Independence Day, was a special day for us to remember our America as it was, and as it should be.  Hopefully you all celebrated this special day by safely instructing the young ones of fireworks dangers, and so they know why we are celebrating.  It is more than a day for expensive fireworks and if we don’t pass on our nation’s history, following generations will grow up without this knowledge.  Those who do not know of our heritage will go on to make mistakes (if they haven’t already) or don’t care to learn from our past, many mistakes of which we have seen in the past few years.

It was a quiet Independence Day here.  Expectations for noise were unnecessary.  Last year there were a few befuddled, frightened dogs around for a couple of days before we found their worried owners.

Randy and Ron got some more hay cut and baled last week, thanks to Eva White.  Every bale counts as we never know when all will dry up or what sort of winter lays ahead for us.  Some of the family went down to Dawt’s Mill for canoeing, relaxing, etc. for the weekend.  I’ve lived here since 1975 and this is just one of the many places I’ve never seen although I have heard it is beautiful.

Delightful decorations were in St. Leo’s social hall prepared by Paul and Evelyn Egan for a combination of commemorating Independence Day and the July birthdays and anniversaries of parish members!  As usual, lots of good snacks and good visiting to be enjoyed.  Members come from all over Douglas County and a few from other areas.  Good to see Jim Brown there, recovering from a surgery the previous Monday, and others who have had bouts of one sort or another with health issues are always good to be seen.

Inquiries into a Neighborhood Watch program for the Dogwood area have thus far gone unanswered.  Investigation into available signs for this program on the Internet seems to appear a bit more expensive than most folks are willing to invest, as well as several classes needing to be attended for a group to be officially recognized.  However, it behooves each and every one of us to be alert for ourselves and our neighbors.  Unrecognizable stock trailers where they don’t belong, and vehicles appearing to be “checking out” the area are just a couple of things to be noted and reported.  Do try to get license numbers and descriptions of vehicles. In 2013 several mailboxes were damaged, some by bullets.  Middle of the night doorbells, with no one visible upon investigation, have been annoying and worrisome.  Do keep your eyes out for the unusual for yourselves and your neighbors.

Health continues to be a problem for many in this area and they will appreciate your prayers.

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