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My sympathy to the Lonnie Byerly family.

Hello to Gene and Lorene Robertson of Mansfield.  Hope you feel better soon.

John and Jo Stephens went to Springfield on Monday.

Donna, Chase, Bryse and Macee were here on Monday.  Reece mowed my yard on Monday.

Debra Reed of Kansas called on Tuesday.  Her family threw her a big surprise birthday party on the fourth.

Donna, Chase and Bryse were here on Wednesday.

Lisa Hensley visited John and Jo Stephens on Friday.

Donna came by on Friday.

Max and Kathy Stephens of Rogersville visited John and Jo on Saturday.

Ethan Gunter spent Saturday night with Reece Goforth.

Brade Koop visited Quin Breeding one day.  Quin visited Caden and Conner Prock a couple of days.

Donna went with Michael to Miller, MO to watch Bryse and the Bad News Bears play baseball.  Caden Lee, Jacob and Blake Litwiller also went with them.

Macee and Quin spent Saturday night with David and Donna.

Keith and Melanie Breeding came over on Sunday.

Megan attended Kobi Gasek’s ballgames Thursday night and Saturday with his parents.  She visited them on Sunday to celebrate Kobi’s birthday.

Quin and Macee spent Thursday night with Papa Kenny and Heather.

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