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Donna Dodson, Megan Goforth and Macee Breeding were here on Monday, Reece Goforth mowed my yard and others on Monday who were here were Keith and Melanie Breeding and Macee. Mike Dodson and Chase came by on Tuesday evening. I was having trouble with my tv. The repairman fixed it on Thursday.

Donna was here on Thursday. Donna took me to Squires Friday night. Keith, Melanie, Quin, Macee, Megan and friend, Kobi Gasek, Mike Dodson, Crystal Lee, Camryn and Caden and Ken Bushong were all there. There was a big crowd and lots of good music and fireworks. Afterwards Megan watched fireworks at Kobi’s house a while.

Lisa Hensley, Jordan Hensley and Frank Lada visited John and Jo Stephens on Friday.

Congratulations to Frank Lada and Jordan Hensley on their engagement.

Donna went with Mike Dodson and Caden Lee to watch Chase Dodson play baseball at Clever. They got first place.

After the game Mike, Bryse, Caden, Chase and Hope Evans, Crystal Lee and Camryn Lee all went to Eli and Amy McDowell’s for a BBQ and fireworks.

Donna, Macee, Quin and I went shopping Saturday evening. Macee and Quin then spent the night with David and Donna.

Ethan Gunter spent Friday night with Reece Goforth.

Megan went with Kobi Gasek and his grandparents Thursday night to West Plains.

Macee Breeding and her softball team “Longdollar” got 2nd place for the year. She said they would have got first if the pink team wasn’t unbeatable. She spent Sunday night with David and Donna.

Reece Goforth went with Erin Crum and her mom to Branson on Wednesday.

Gabi Ayala of Kansas had a big 3rd birthday party on Saturday night.

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