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What beautiful weather the lord has given us this week. We certainly should praise Him. Caney met Wednesday evening singing praises to the Lord. Bro. Jim Lafferty led the service. He asked for prayer requests and praise reports. Sis. Lorrinda Coulter led us in prayer. Jim read John 16:16-32. Jesus is reminding all that what He says will happen. We have hope in eternal life through Christ. We will see Him for He is coming soon. Stand for the Lord and praise Him, words to live by.

We all had scriptures to read and had a good time discussing the Bible.

Sunday school opened with singing. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. Prayer requests and praise reports were asked for. Sis. Lorrinda Coulter led in prayer. Jack read Hebrews 3:7-14 for our devotion. After a good Sunday school lesson Maddie Shipley sang while offering was received.

Praise and Worship began with testimonies from Jim Lafferty, Jeff Shipley, Melba Austin, Ethel Metcalf, Kelli Clemans and Elsie Combs. We continued with congregational singing. Singing special music was Melba Austin, Melissa Harmon and Ethel Metcalf.

Pastor Bill Austin spoke this morning. He brought his message from Psalms 42:1-3. His thought, “my soul thirsts for God.” Are you thirsty? Christ is the Living Water, you are looking for. Come to Christ and drink freely.

Sunday evening service began with praises to the Lord. Bro. Jeff welcomed everyone. He took prayer requests and praise reports. Sis. Melba Austin led in prayer.

Testimonies were given by Jim Lafferty, Jack Essary, Melba Austin and Hi Lambeth. Pastor Bill brought the evening message. His scripture was Luke 2:28-32, 36-38 and Hebrews 7:19-25. Looking for redemption was his thought. Only through Christ can you find redemption. No man can give it to you. They cannot pray you into heaven, no amount of money can buy it. Water won’t wash your sins away. No amount of good works will save you. Seek Jesus today, you have no promise of tomorrow.

Good message from the throne. We are blessed to have a God called pastor. Come be with us, you are welcome.

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