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Opening Sunday school, Joe Lafferty read the 20th chapter of Psalms.

Our lesson was in the 2nd chapter of I Peter. Our attendance was down. Wilma Hampton was sick. We all need to pray for her and others that were sick.

I think some kind of bug is going around. The kind that makes you sick at your stomach and some have had too many bathroom visits. I have some of that ever so often, not good.

Joe preached in the 53rd chapter of Isaiah. It was a good verse. Sue Thomas said the offering prayer. We sang a few congregational songs. The 53rd chapter of Isaiah predicts Christ’s crucifixion. We attended the New Hope fellowship revival last week. It was a very good meeting. We had a few preachers, and every one of them was really good. I enjoyed the meeting very much. We all got a little closer to the Lord. We still need to pray for the lost and the sick in body.

Ronnie Thomas dismissed us in prayer. Until next time, God bless.

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