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Breedon Church

Our lesson was the first chapter of Peter. Opening prayer was led by Heath Kirkland. Our attendance was low, some sick and others had other things to do. It is always busy around the 4th.

We had our Fourth of July fireworks Sunday ngiht. It was really pretty and we had plenty of hot dogs and salads to eat and we had fried fish. I’m not a fish eater, the rest of them had plenty.

Joe preached the 11 o’clock message in the 64th chapter of Isaiah. It was a really good message. We didn’t have any special singing. Sue Thomas was the only pianist for Sunday morning service, I wish I could play, but I can’t. It’s agood thing that some people have a talent to know music, I can see when it is in G. Haha. Ronnie Thomas dismissed us in prayer. He also is a good bass singer.

Well this Friday night at 7:00 is our monthly singing. I hope we have a houseful. I have so many allergies, part of the time I can’t sing very long.

Until next week, God bless.

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