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Bethany Baptist Church

A Youth Rally week begins at Bethany Baptist Church, Monday evening July 28 and goes through August 1 with service times from 6:30 to 8:30. The Youth Rally is being conducted by guest speaker, Jimmy Nichols, for youth ages 7 and up including adults. There will be snacks and a “Penny Race” each evening.

Camp JOY is finishing up its Teen Week. We will be expecting to hear a report from it Sunday if those who participated are rested up. We always expect to hear about souls being saved, lives being dedicated to service, and a lot of fun at the creek.

Tom and Bonnie Hanson had two grandchildren with them Sunday morning. They had driven to a town about 50 miles north of St. Louis in Illinois to pick them up. The parents had driven to meet Tom and Bonnie at a half-way point from their home near Chicago. It just happened to be the same town where Jim and Ruby meet their grandchildren when they come for vacation from Indiana.

Norma Stillings made visits to residents at Ava Place, Rocky Ridge, and Heart of the Ozarks this week. She also played the piano and sang at Rocky Ridge and Heart of the Ozarks. This is a rewarding ministry that requires faithfulness. The reward comes when residents join in the singing and know all the words to the old songs even without a book. And there are the smiles.

Tom Hanson brought a message from Ephesians and talked about the difference between knowledge and wisdom and the need for both in our service for the Lord. Wisdom comes as a gift from God, if and when we seek after it with sincere hearts. We can ask for wisdom, but we have to study to get knowledge. The knowledge of God and his Son Jesus Christ is necessary for salvation and service. This knowledge can be acquired through reading or hearing the Word, but understanding comes by the Holy Spirit.

With wisdom comes the desire to be lead by the Lord and even the willingness to suffer for the Lord. People, like Paul, who did suffer for the Lord, were blessed by God. From Paul’s experience in suffering he was able to offer hope to others who suffer. This hope rests in the God of hope who gives us the ability to gain heavenly knowledge and wisdom.

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