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Dan Stillings made several trips to Springfield this week to help his sister, Debra Bohnstedt, rebuild her back yard fence that had been badly damaged when a large tree fell on it earlier this spring. That meant digging holes and setting fence posts in concrete.  Debra came to Ava and took her mother, Norma Stillings, and Dan out to eat lunch, Tuesday while the concrete set up. They worked Wednesday and Thursday to finish up the back yard.  It was her annual vacation, but she did not do much else but work.

John and Jewell Rogers of Ozark visited with their cousin, Norma Stillings, last Thursday. John had been very ill and is now doing kidney dialysis three times a week in Springfield. John’s grandfather Rue Rogers was a brother to Norma’s grandfather, Arra Rogers.

Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen and their daughter, Sally, hosted the annual 4th of July picnic at their home, Friday.  It was a beautiful day for volleyball outside, and games inside.  Pastor Bob cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill on the back deck.  Everybody reported a good time.

Tyler and Abby Nikkel and their two young sons, Vincent, age two, and Ian, three months, were overnight guests out at Jim and Ruby Corder’s guest house, Saturday night. Tyler was the guest speaker in the services, Sunday. They are being sent out as missionaries from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Oklahoma. Tyler is a licensed pilot and flight instructor and has done additional training to be a missionary pilot.

Airline pilots must be very clear on who is in control during a flight. Tyler gave an example of how a plane on auto-pilot flew straight into a mountain side killing over 200 persons, because each pilot thought the other was in control. It is important in life to consciously give control of our lives over to the Lord.

Tyler said that the difference between a good flight student and a poor student is that the good student listens to the instructor and obey those instructions. The last instructions that Jesus gave to his church was to go out to be witnesses. How well have we obeyed his instructions?

In order to be licensed as a missionary pilot, Tyler had to fly “on the mark.” If his inspector saw him even slightly off the mark, he had to be making corrections, being close was not good enough. We have to make corrections daily by spending time in deep compassionate prayer with our Lord to keep us “on the mark.”

Tom Hanson will be the guest speaker next Sunday morning.

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