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All Around Bradleyville

This summer seems to be flying by. Maybe it seems that way to me because I have been having so much fun playing with our small grandchildren. We have four of them age three and under and they sure do keep us on our toes. The twins have started the climbing phase with nothing too high for them to try to climb. Then it’s a race to see who can reach them before they tumble to the floor. In the meanwhile the new baby who is almost two months old is making his voice heard in the background.

Our great-granddaughter, Avery, celebrated her first birthday with the family at the park in Ozark last Saturday evening with cake and gifts. It was a wonderful evening and the weather was perfect.

Bob is still hunting the black cow that took off when he brought her home from the sale barn. Bob has walked miles and miles hunting for her and has found some signs, but no cow yet. She has been gone right around a month now and may have a new calf with her by now. We sure would appreciate it if anybody notices an extra cow hanging around to let us know.

Got a card from Sharon Grider a few days ago from Wyoming where she has been visiting some friends. Beautiful mountains and scenery. I think they are planning a trip to Yellowstone before she comes home. Definitely a place that is on my bucket list.

Stephen Thomas has just returned from spending almost two weeks on a mission trip to Quito, Ecuador. I’m sure he will have many amazing things to tell about from his trip.

Birthdays for the coming week include: July 23: Danny Hampton, Joe Horner; July 24: Paul Horton, Keshia Mann, June Rhodes; July 25: Reggie Badovinatz, Amanda Heun, Greg Lumley, Josh Marsh, Amanda Puckett, Dean Nelson, Amanda Schreier, Gina Swift, Wayne Yeary; July 27: Hannah Guerin; July 28: Bridgette Storts, July 29: Steve Hunsaker; July 30: Jessie Case, Dot Combs, Rick Pollard, Deborah Rogers.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: July 26: Kent and Darla Day; July 29: Roger and Dee Dee Hodges.

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