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Nina Carter had a bad cold Sunday. Hope she is feelings lots better by the time she gets this newspaper.

I received a little over .1-1/2 of an inch of rain last Monday, but I will call it just .1-1/2.

We have had some nice weather all last week, but it is suppose to get hot this week.

I bought three gallons of blackberries last Monday so now I have enough for six cobblers.

I took my news and eggs in to Donna last Tuesday and then I went to Ed Teeple’s 80th birthday and he’s been in the Mason 63 years. They gave him a party serving barbecue buffalo and hamburger and hot dogs. There was a good turn out for him.

Darlene Lister came and picked up her eggs this week. Charlotte Bock got to come home Friday and seems to be gaining ground after her operation.

Saturday morning I called Anita Smith and wished her a Happy Birthday then I headed for Ozark, but I dropped some eggs off at the Jessen’s then off I went to Ozark to meet my niece, Brenda Henslee, and we drove to Warsaw, MO. to the Spring Grove Missionary Baptist Church where my youngest sister and husband, Jimmie and Katie, celebrated their 50th anniversary. I stood up with them 50 years ago.

My other sisters, Mollie McPheeters and Margaret Allen, were there, but my brothers did not attend. There was a good turn out for it and the weather was great. I got back home at 7:30 that evening.

Tom and Mary Martha Williams and Doris Morrison went to Mountain Grove to the Past Matron and Past Patron Meeting and others that were there were Jim and Judy Cantrell, Jo Ann Gray, Michiko Youmans, Janet Lang and brother. The next meeting will be September 13 so every one mark their calendar. I was sorry I couldn’t make this one, but will be there in September.

Sunday I stopped by Tom and Jewell’s and left them some bread. Jewell said Tom was doing pretty good.

Debbi Chance called me Saturday when I was in Warsaw, but I didn’t receive it until I left the church because we were in the basement and when I got home I called her, but she was at the fair and I talked with her Sunday afternoon and she was looking for people’s phone numbers that had people buried in the Arno Cemetery to get some donations for the upkeep. Debbi told me that their son had been operated on and as soon as he was better and they found a kidney that someone had that would be compatible to his, they would give him a new kidney, which he is need of. Let’s pray that they find one soon.

Lets keep those prayers going for all our sick folks. Some are doing better after coming home.

My prayers and sympathy go out to all that have lost a loved one.

Let’s keep praying for our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training.

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