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Last Tuesday I received 1.9 inches of rain by 1 pm that day.

I took Lakota out for lunch that day to Uncle Rooster’s for her birthday which was the next day and we had a good time.

Tom and Mary Martha Williams, Doris Morrison and Hellen Blakey attended the visitation for Elvira Slater that evening in Mtn. Grove.

Charlotte Bock was operated on Wednesday and is doing just fine and will be coming home in a few days.

Kay Hutchison and Violet Blakey came by and picked up their eggs.

Nina Carter and friend Glynda and Hellen Blakey all went to the Stained Glass Theatre Thursday and saw the BOOKENDS and we met Monica Reemes, Mike and Anette Ray and my niece Brenda Henslee and we all enjoyed the play.

I took the eggs in to the Court House Lady’s Friday and got my medicine and some groceries.

Saturday I went down to Dustin and Kelsey Seaborn’s to a cookout and a birthday party for little Bentlee’s first birthday party, he was 1 on the 10th.

Dinner was served and then the presents were opened.  He got a toy phone he liked best of all.  We all went inside and he got his cake first and you should have seen him eat the topping off and then he got into the cake, the rest of us got cake and ice cream.  I am not sure how many were there but I will put it this way, there was one grandpa, two grandmothers, one great-grandfather and two great-grandmothers, two uncles, one aunt, one great-aunt and maybe some cousins and friends.

I went by Johnathan and Annie Blakey’s when I left the party and Ellis was there, I had a gift for baby Owen from his Uncle Vernal and Aunt Ellen Blakey.

I enjoyed Bro. Ted Cain’s talk and the movie he showed, I wished that others could have been there.

I stopped by Kay and Harold’s and visited with him and got my egg money before I came on home.

When I went out to water my tomatoes and cucumbers that evening I found a big turkey feather in my yard so I guess I will have to get up early and watch them cross my yard.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Jean Heard, my sympathy goes out to her family and to all the others who have lost a loved one.

Let’s keep our sick folks in our prayers, those that are home are going just fine and the ones in the hospital are making it just fine.

Keep praying for our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training.

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