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All Around Bradleyville

Happy summer to everyone! The temperature is supposed to climb this week, but it has been so pleasant the past couple of weeks with the slightly lower temps. Bob sure has enjoyed the lower temps and a couple of days of lower humidity.

Our next door neighbors to the south were sitting outside a few days ago when they heard a noise. They looked around and there was a black bear standing in their yard. Different people have seen them so close and even in our road leading to our house, but we’ve never seen one here. I don’t know whether to be happy about that or not. I know one must be out there close somewhere. Makes me a little nervous about picking blackberries, but not enough nervous to keep me out of them. Bob said I’d be okay as long as I didn’t get between a momma and her cubs. Well that makes me feel better. I better just take the car or 4-wheeler when I go so I can make a little faster getaway.

The Bradleyville FFA took a week-long trip out west recently. Kids that went on this trip were Dean Clark, Megan Fox, Luke Clemans, Caiden Cash, Trey Boyd, Shekinah Clemans, Mariah Clemans, Emily Todd, Gabe Shipley, Megan Lovelace and Hayden Crouch. They were accompanied by FFA teacher, Clint Gailey and his wife, Hannah. They did a lot of camping and went through Nebraska, traveled on to the Pacific coast in Washington State, came back through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming on the way home. I know I missed a state or two, but don’t know the exact order. They had a great time and saw a lot of sights and wildlife.

I’m a week or two behind, but congratulations to Jack and Stacey Clemans and their family on the adoption of their son, Greyson Michael. Jack and Stacey recently traveled to China to bring their son home. He sure is a cute little guy and seems very happy to adjust to life here. He couldn’t have been adopted into any better family than Jack and Stacey’s.

Congratulations also to Bandy and Staci Dalton on the birth of another son, Creed McGarett Dalton. Creed was born early in the morning on June 28 and weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. He is very adorable and I’ve heard a lot of people say he looks like his Grandpa Joe Norwine.

New Mansion Church had a great celebration for the fourth of July. The VBS program started at 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, then outside for lots of fun games. At 6:00 everyone filled up on pulled pork and loads of side dishes and desserts. Around 7:30 everyone gathered in the ballfield beside the church to watch R.O.A.M. Those initials stand for Riders on a Mission, a great group of young Christian men who rode their motorcycles and four wheelers, did stunts and rode up ramps and jumped from one ramp to the other. Great entertainment and all the kids loved it. I think all the grown-ups enjoyed it too. After this entertainment there was some turtle racing, and then at dark Cindy Todd sang the national anthem and we all enjoyed fireworks.

Next Sunday at 2:00 in the afternoon there will be a baptizing at Hercules for those wishing to be obedient in this step of faith. Several from New Mansion VBS will be baptized.

Birthdays for the coming week include: July 9: Jerry Henning, Debbie Marsh, Arica Todd; July 10: Norma Burkhart, Glenda Floyd, Shelly Rogers; July 11: Mike Flanigan; July 12: Hannah Howie; July 13: Josh Adams, Harley Guerin; July 14: Ginger Harmon; July 15: Phillip Day, Cindy Todd, Jarett Yeary; July 16: Ron Clark, L.T. Collins, Richard Gott, Jan Robertson, David Rogers, Richard Stoecker.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: July 13: Vic and Deanna Badovinatz; July 14: Vernon and Barbara Fuller; July 16: Junior and Peggy Hicks.

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