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Saturday afternoon was a bit stormy for a time, and a hard rain came, which we needed. It is good to get rain in June.

Monday evening, Gainesville O.E.S. chapter had their last meeting for the summer. We’ll be getting back to work Monday evening, Sept. 8. The Theodosia chapter has dual membership here, and their help is appreciated. Elsie Ponto is now 99 years young. She comes to our meetings with Dale and Joy Cutbirth.

I had a phone conversation with Peggy Davis Wall of Marshfield Saturday. She is a native of this area with her parents, Cleon and Floy Davis, who both taught schools in Ozark County. Her address is really at Elkland, which is near the Marshfield area.

My niece, Carol Evanson Aronis in Springfield, celebrated her 61st birthday June 15. Happy Anniversary to Wayman and Carol King Sunday, June 22, and on June 30, Helen Conardy will reach another birthday milestone. Happy Birthday to her.

Following her celebrated birthday, I will be having another golden-age birthday on July 1. (Sometimes not so golden.) If you go back to the year 1922 when Harding was president, there was a new baby born at Lilly Ridge.

Doris Trieber enjoyed a family reunion for the second year in Miami, Oklahoma, last week. Her daughter, Laura, from Topeka, Kansas, also attended. Others present were a sister and three brothers and their wives and children, plus cousins and aunts and uncles, a total of 40 present. They were descendants of the Frame and Miller families originally from Sweden. Others were from Silver Lake and elsewhere. Doris drove by herself and drove back home in a downpour of rain.

Friendly Neighbors Extension Club meets July 3 at the ambulance shed to make padded throws for those who need them in ambulance and sheriff’s department emergencies.

There was a car accident at Patrick Bridge Monday morning. I guess it was pretty scary.

If the Aug. 5 voters are favorable, those of us near the Tecumseh Hill curves will benefit, which is a much-needed improvement. Hopefully there will be enough money appropriated for it. We’ve needed it for so long. At present, the shoulders on the curves are very limited and dangerous with all the heavy traffic.

Ginger Peters, a former resident now living in Pennsville, New Jersey, enjoys hearing from friends back in the Ozarks.

A thought to remember: Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues but also the parent of all others.

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