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How soon summer is here and air conditioners are going full force. Reminiscing over years past with no electricity and air conditioning makes us appreciate what we have now.

Better health is wished to Randie Schmucker as she hasn’t been able to come to church and is missed. Prayers for Mahlon also.

Sunday evening at Lilly Ridge we had a good service with a medical missionary worker in the Philippines. He and wife and daughter are here in the states for a time, visiting different churches.

Mike Evans is wished better health as he has had back problems. Our prayers are with him.

Loretta and Harry Davidson’s granddaughter, Samantha Harris and girls visited them Saturday. They live in Springfield. Their son, David, visited Sunday as he got back from his truck route.

Pat Hall visited me one day last week. She is the former Bonnie Endicott’s daughter and lives in Mountain Home. She had read my article in the paper about the Endicott family I used to know and her grandfather was sheriff.

Dean Lyon has fields of hay cut and hoping it doesn’t get wet before baling.

Catalpa trees are pretty in bloom and have an aroma like a good perfume. Some folks don’t like them because of them cluttering the ground after blooming.

Fishermen like the fish bait when catalpa worms eat on the big leaves and I let them have all the fish bait they want.

The Lilly Ridge women’s Bible Study class led by Randi Schmucker is on Thursday mornings at 10:00 a.m. instead of Tuesday.

The Geneva Owens family has our sympathy in the loss of their mother.

Best wishes to Imogene Grisham in Cox South as she recovers from pneumonia.

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