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T.O.P.S. was called to order by Sharon at 3:43 on June 3, 2014. There was a combined weight loss of 24.2 pounds with 17 weighing in. Once again, Joyce was the highest loser. Our lesson was given by Linda W. on fruit.

Linda W said, “Who doesn’t like fruit?” It’s good for you, low in sugar and high in anti-oxidants. Some are cancer fighters, others promote weight loss or protect against arthritis. While some fruits are good, other fruits are better. The best are blueberries (good for diabetics), watermelon, raspberries, lemons (arthritis fighter), guava (helps eyesight and is a cancer fighter), grapefruit, strawberries (regulates blood sugar), boysenberries (high fiber), blackberries (for the heart) and cranberries. Good fruits can have 14 to 31 grams of sugar per serving. These are figs, bananas (good as an energy bar), mangos, grapes, pomegranate seeds, apples, pineapples (aid in digestion) and any dried fruit such as raisins.

T.O.P.S (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a non profit international weight loss support group open to anyone 7 years of age or older. T.O.P.S meets from 3pm to 4:30pm in the basement of the courthouse. Come and visit us to find out more about T.O.P.S. We welcome anyone looking to get and stay healthy.

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