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Senior Citizens

We appreciate the Bible study class for coming and having lunch at the center. We appreciate your participation in our meal program.  I understand that several of the people are going to try and attend the center at least once a month for lunch.

Having our community support the service that we offer is very encouraging. We would love to have some of the people who come to have taxes done here join us for a meal when they can.

Foot clinic seems to be very popular and those services are done to assist the senior population with foot care and help not having to travel to Springfield to have their toenails trimmed and also to check for any foot problems before they become problems.

Helping to address the issue of failing health is of prime importance and good quality health care can be made available and accessible to our senior population.

It is important that people be proactive and not just sit around watching the television, but to get up and walk around the house and come in and visit friends at the senior center. Please don’t isolate yourself from others by just sitting home by yourself. We have different activities that you can participate in and make new friends or just enjoy getting out of the house.

Boredom is a result of being poorly motivated to be useful or productive and occurs when a person is unwilling or unable to do something meaningful with their time. We need you to come and share your skills, visit with others and volunteer at the center, you are important to our community.

Menu for the coming week: Monday 6/30/14: Baked chicken patty, cheesy potatoes, salad, wheat bread, sherbet.

Tuesday 7/1/14: Salisbury steak, rice and gravy, carrots, roll, cake.

Wednesday 7/2/14: Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, wheat bread, rice and raisin pudding.

Thursday 7/3/14: PICNIC DAY:            Hamburgers or hot dogs, onion, lettuce, tomato, potato salad, baked beans, ice cream.

Senior Boxes arrive Monday July 7th

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