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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Upcoming Events:  Zoo trip- June 28- meet at Springfield Zoo at 9 a.m. Lunch 11:30 a.m.- bring one or purchase one at the zoo (call Helen Batten for additional information-Church will pay to get in) July 2-Wednesday night- Independence Day Celebration at church with barbecue, ice cream, and desserts-6 p.m.

Birthdays: Darrell Price, Lorissa Ellis, and Francis Marler.

Anniversaries: Guilliams, Jan and Frances Marler, and the Battens.

Recent prayer requests: Kay Garrison, Scotty Renfrow’s grandchildren, Madison and Blake, Everett and Sam Jenkins, the recycling mission with Tony, Vic, and Darrell, Tammi Housley’s mom and uncle, Richard Mitchell’s family, and Sue Lathrom, and many others who have health problems.

Jamie Guilliams did a special. Today’s message by Bro. Rick Batten:  Psalms 86:3-7.  David talks to the Lord daily.  He is always crying out to the Lord for forgiveness, he made many mistakes in his life.  He committed adultery, had a man murdered, numbered troops and soldiers (when he was supposed to count on God for help), etc.  God sent him three days of plague which caused 70,000 people to die.  He then built an altar, prayed, asked forgiveness, and God forgave him again.  We should learn from our mistakes, and not make the same mistakes twice.  Just one mistake can cause us to suffer.  As humans, it is hard not to repeat sin.  He gave some examples:  don’t leave the car windows down in the rain, don’t throw a Frisbee close to the house because it ends up on the roof- these are small mistakes, but we should still learn from them.  We are constantly learning as we serve God.  We are told to forgive others 7 times 70 (Matthew 18).  God will keep forgiving us in the same way.  Bro. Rick asked us to think.  We are all sinners.  Sin does much damage.  Will we be haunted by sins in our old age?  He was sure that David was.  A truth we must remember is that we all sin; and that God will forgive our sins if we just ask.

Questions:  Rick Batten 683-5657 or 417-250-0918.  Call Helen Batten about the zoo trip at 417-250-0917 or 683-5657.  Remember the Barbecue on July 2, bring a friend.

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