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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Last Sunday was Homecoming Sunday with Kirby Clark as the featured singer.  There was a potluck meal after singing. Birthdays:  Tammi Housley, Jimmie Marler, Bernice Peterson, and Mary Beck.

Anniversary:  David and Tammi Housley on May 30th.

Recent prayer requests:  Kay Garrison, Darrell and Bernice Price, Jason Mills, Joy Mills, Scotty, Sharon and Van’s grandchildren, Tammi’s mom and uncle, Brenda Dean, Marsha Collins, Harris family, Andy Linton, Elaine James, Helen and Rick’s son, Francis and Jan Marler, Christine Harkey, and Jim Cox.

Tammi Ousley did a special.

  Remember Vacation Bible School next week (June 9-13).  Everyone invited on Friday evening June 13 at 6 p.m. for the short lesson/program followed with grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.  Bring spare change to Bible School to buy chickens and/or goats for an orphanage in Mexico.

June 15 is Father’s Day.  Ladies bring a pie or other dessert for Fathers/Grandfathers.

June 28-tentative date for a trip to the zoo.  Sandy Housley and Bernice Price did a cute puppet show inviting all the kids to Vacation Bible School.  Annie was the puppet.  We will have the ant Anna, a crocodile, Annie, and the merry monkeys joining us in Bible School.  Come and bring a friend. (Sandy Housley is the contact person).  The theme is Jungle Safari, so the church is decorated like a jungle.  Bro. Rick gave his appreciation to everyone for all the hard work.  Sandy Housley was the teacher in Children’s Church today.  We were glad to see Blake, Madison, and Jason in services today.

Bro. Rick’s sermon was from Matthew 23: 37.  “Ye Would Not”.  The people missed a lot in Jerusalem because they would not accept the Messiah.  They should have been looking for the signs.  Jesus lived a short life.  Even when he was born as a babe in the manger; it did not make that big of an impact.  Herod did kill all the babies under 2 years old, because he wanted to put the Messiah out of the way.  John the Baptist baptized Jesus, because he wanted to be baptized.  He humbled himself and became a man.  Then went into the wilderness for 40 days.  He faced the devil.  Bro. Rick said, “Nothing could be as bad as coming face to face with Satan”.  For 3 years, Jesus did lots of good works; he was always helping others, healing them, etc.  He didn’t do anything bad.  He went as far as Calvary and was crucified for us.  It is a sad thing-“Ye would not”- you would think people would learn and accept him.  God gives us a good life and salvation because he loves us.  Don’t worry about the past, you can’t do anything about that.  Look at today and the future, and let him into your life.  Don’t wait too long.  The service ended with a song. Bro. Rick spoke about Jesus returning during the evening service.  He said, “It is a comfort knowing that the Lord is returning-it is sure to happen.  All sin will be over.  We won’t lose the good stuff, but gain the good stuff-peace, kindness, beauty, etc.  The Day and Hour no man will know, so you need to be ready”.

Visitors are always welcome.  Questions:  Bro. Rick Batten, 683-5657 or 250-0918.

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