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Red Bank Church

Greetings.  We have officially entered the summer season, which means that we  all have more places we want to go and more things we want to do; that is, if we can get past mowing the lawn and tending the garden.

Speaking of going, Gary and I, along with his mother, Maxine Lirley, and his sister, Judy Smith, drove to Wichita, Kansas on the 13th to stay all night at my niece’s house so that we could attend the Lirley Reunion held on the 14th of June in Hutchison, Kansas.  We had a wonderful time visiting together while we were traveling.  We made our usual stop in Iola, Kansas to eat at the A&W Root Beer.  It felt like old times to enjoy root beer floats that were served in tall frosted mugs.  There was a full menu of great sandwiches to order from too.  We all reminisced about how we used to order a hamburger with chips and a Root Beer float for a quarter.   The young lady that took our order asked Gary where we were from.  He told her that we lived close to Branson, thinking that she would not know where Ava was located.  She replied that she was raised in a little town in Missouri that we had probably never heard of, Sparta, Mo.  Gary told her we had driven through Sparta many times, and even did a little shopping there.  It’s a small, small world that we live in.

The Red Bank Church service began with hymns led by Gary Lirley.  As the assistant Sunday school superintendent, Gary also welcomed members and guests and dismissed them to their respective Sunday school class.  We miss our regular Superintendent, Jerry Huff.  We are praying that he will soon be feeling strong enough to be back with us and give the morning welcomes himself.

It was good to have Maxine Lirley back with us along with Miranda Hallmark, our daughter, Mitzi Fawcett, and other guests whose names I failed to write down.  Sorry.  We welcome them all to come back and worship the Lord with us again.

Celebrating a birthday with a mission offering was one of our young guests.

Providing special music was Mitzi Fawcett who sang a medley of gospel music.  Prayer requests were for Jerry Huff and Laurie Page.

Brother Lauren spoke from Luke 13 for the morning message.  As the Fig tree mentioned is this Scripture needed dug about and fertilized in order to bear fruit, so also do Christians need their lives cultivated with love and fed the fertile food that can only be derived from God’s holy word.   We all expect God to be ready and willing to do great things for us, but the question is; are we ready and willing to do great things for Him?  Have we been feeding on God’s word so that we can bear fruit and glorify His holy name?  Is our time, His time; or is our time, strictly, used for ourselves?  We need to remember where our time came from in the first place.  Others may accept our excuses, but God will not.

Gary and I were pleased to have our daughter, Mitzi Fawcett, stay with us for a whole week while her husband, Mark, and two of her children, Jessi and Ben, were working in a Bible camp.  Her two older boys, Zach and Josh, have full time jobs to keep them busy.   It has been a long, long time since we have had that much time to spend together.  We had a lot of fun visiting and laughing about times gone by.   Sunday afternoon we traveled to Arkansas to her mother-in-law’s home to meet up with her husband for a ride back to Texas.

Vacation Bible School time is here again.  Ours is being planned for the third week in July.  I got a call from our daughter-in-law this morning.  She said their church had around 280 children in their Bible school program this year.   They have it in the evening so the men can be free to help also.  I know that Les works with the children every year.   He showed us a movie of their Bible school last year.  He was dressed as a Roman Soldier to help get the Bible story across to the children in a vivid way.   Les is 6’ 3”.  Can you visualize that?

That’s all the news for now.  Take care.  God loves you more!!

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