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Red Bank Church

Hello everyone.  Here we are at the beginning of a new month.  I noticed that the city swimming pool is opened for business and it was filled with young swimmers.  I’m sure the local creeks are just as busy.  It is good that we have had plenty of rain so far this year to keep them running.  When I was young, swimming in the creek was my main recreation.   I lived on the farm and there was nothing else to do except help with the gardening and canning.  I did a lot of that.  My folks grew and canned everything they could.  I don’t know how many hundreds of jars I washed because my hands were small enough to get inside the jars.   I also spent a lot of time, after school was out, helping my Mother prepare for Memorial Day.   I was showing my grandchildren all the beautiful flowers that had been placed on the graves this year and telling them how I used to help make Memorial flower arrangements out of crepe paper.  It was amazing how many different, beautiful, colorful flowers were created by the ladies of every household.  Everyone would bring their creations to decorate their loved one’s grave on the same day.  The cemetery never looked so beautiful.  They also brought a dish of food to share on the long, wooden picnic tables, provided by the church, for dinner on the grounds.    It was always a day to look forward to.

The Church service at Red Bank began with hymns led by Gary Lirley.  He also welcomed members and guest before dismissing them to their respective Sunday school class.  The Worship service music was led by Jake Hampton.  A mission offering was given by Jerry Huff in honor of his twin boy’s birthday, his mother’s birthday and his sister, June’s, birthday.   Business meeting was announced to be held this coming Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m.   Prayer request were made for Jerry Huff and Richard Mitchell.

Our pastor, Brother Lauren, was able to be back with us after his bout with the flu.  For the morning sermon, Brother Lauren chose his text from Genesis 21:2 which is the story of how God kept his promise to Abraham and Sarah by giving them a boy child in their old age. “The birth of their son, Isaac, was a super natural happening.  God’s promises are powerful because they are promised by the Almighty God.  We have access to His awesome power when we invite His Spirit to live in us by accepting His Son, Jesus, as our Lord and Savior,” said Brother Lauren.  God has promised that He will come back for his Children someday.  Just as he kept his promise to Abraham and Sarah, he will keep his promise to us in His own chosen time.   God said to Abraham in Genesis 18:14, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?  At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.” We need to believe God and be ready for His promised return.

At the end of the service, our congregation was invited to partake in the Lord’s Supper Communion service.

Gary and I attended a wedding on Saturday morning, May 31. The bride was beautiful and Brother Boyd did a wonderful job performing the wedding vows for the young couple.

That’s all the news for now.  Take care and be prepared for the Lord’s promised return.

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