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6-21-14. Happy first day of Summer. I don’t know about you, but it seems like it’s been Summer ever since Spring started. We’re still getting lots of rain with thunderstorms just about every night. A couple of nights ago a thunderstorm rolled through here and took down big trees in Tipton, one south of Tipton across I-80 and it destroyed a huge building that wasn’t quite finished yet, as well as, other buildings, another one of the big trees downed by the storm is about a block from here. Also a big tree in Tipton fell on the front of a house and big trees down from Tipton also fell through the next two towns to the east of here and a couple of tornadoes were also the culprit in Northern Iowa, but as usual I know it is much, much worse in other states. Lord help us all.

I talked to my friend, Kay Day-Applegate in Vancouver, one day this week. She is doing okay, but her eye doctor said she has a cataract, but I don’t think it was ready to take off yet. I mentioned that I heard her cousin, Cuma Hall, had passed and she said yes she did. I told her I was so sorry to hear that. She had called to tell me where Kay was when I asked if anyone knew in my letter to the paper. I had such a nice visit with her on the phone and kept meaning to call her and talk to her again, but as usual, I waited too long. She said she didn’t know if her other cousin (Cuma’s sister) Betty Hall-Grey had passed away or not because she’s been trying to call her, but doesn’t get any answer. So, Betty, Larry or anyone who knows about her, please call Kay and let her know. I told her I would try to find out for her. If you don’t know her number or have forgot, you can call me and let me know and I will get the message to her. She’s really concerned. My number is 563-886-5024 or cell: 319-213-6495. We would both appreciate it. If you have any news for me to put in the paper, call me as well. I’m sure there’s a lot of people back in good old Douglas County who would like to hear about you.

I was disappointed to find out Joyce Turner had quit working at the Tipton Wal-Mart. I really enjoyed seeing her when I went in there and if she wasn’t busy she would give me a big hug. I got her phone number once to give to her Uncle Royce Reed, but I don’t think I kept it myself because I thought I would see her in the store. She had to take a medical leave for carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists and I guess she decided not to come back. I had been meaning to call “Uncle Roycy” as she used to call him when she was little.

I survived the colonoscopy last Monday and this Monday I have to go back to Davenport to see my skin doctor.

Daughter, Anita, was in Davenport too last Monday to see an eye surgeon and now has to go to Moline, Illinois next Tuesday to get a cataract removed from her left eye. I’ll be praying a lot for her. Her eye is so blurred now she can’t see much through it, so it will be good to get it out of there.

Frank Dee called to let us know a great lady had passed away. His daughter, Cheryl White’s mother-in-law, June Cross, had left this earth peacefully, which is a blessing when someone goes that way. The few times I got to be with her, I really enjoyed it. I would have liked to have been able to spend more time with her then what I did. Her funeral will be Monday and because of my doctor appointment we won’t get to go, but we will certainly be there in thought and prayer. I, as well as everyone who knew her, loved her dearly. She had moved to Tennessee with her son, Bill White, and Cheryl was able to tend to her and they had the most loving, tender relationship anyone could possibly have at home and later on they had the help of Hospice. I’m so thankful she got to live her final days out like that. So I’m thinking about you, June, and all your loving family. I know they will miss you so much but I also know that they know that you are healed now and will never suffer again and the good care you were given on earth by your family here will be continued by your Father in Heaven, we love you June.

Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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