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6-16-14. Well, here I am getting ready to go to the Q.C.A. again.  This time I have to go to Davenport for my colonoscopy.  I’ll be glad to get there and be put to sleep so I can get some rest.  Oh well, it needs to be done, and thank goodness they can do that now and detect cancer before it gets too bad and take those dang little polyps out before they turn into cancer.

We were in East Moline on the 11th and had lunch with granddaughter, Candi.  We enjoyed the visit with her.  We usually don’t even get to see her and Jarred when we go up there to pet sit, because they’re already gone when we get there and she calls when they get pretty close to home and then we come on home so we get home before dark (we’re not allowed out after dark) HA.  That’s because we can’t see to drive after dark.  I’ve been thinking about getting us some of those night driving glasses and see if that will help.

Next week I have to go back up there to Davenport to my skin doctor.  A place on my back has been acting up.  I think it’s where I had a sun damage spot burned off a few years ago.

Saturday we went to Muscatine for our Father’s Day dinner; of course, we ate at Lisa’s.  We met Anita, Carl, Carl’s daughter and her little girl, Ember Rain (the little two year old talker).  She’s sure sweet.  I taught her to call me “Grandma Faye” yesterday.  I don’t know how long she will remember it.  Speaking of “Grandma”, no wonder I’m geting so old,  I’m gonna be a “great-great grandma” in October and I can’t wait to see my little great-great granddaughter, Melody Faye.  Isn’t that a great name?  Granddaughter, Lisa Faye’s son, Jacob and his fiancee, Kaz are going to be the proud parents.  All us grandmas are so excited.  Lisa will be a grandmother.  I can’t hardly believe it, I still think of her as a teenager or early twenties.  She’s almost forty now and Jacob is 21.  I can’t wait to see him and give him and Kaz a big hug and start making little booties, caps, etc.  Lisa said she’s already ordered so much for Melody.  She orders on-line.  What a blessing to have a precious little baby in our lives again.  Well, I guess I better try to control myself on the bragging.  We are looking forward to taking some five-generation pictures.  I will send one to the paper.

I got so excited about Melody I forgot to mention Anita’s Dad, Trevis Twitty was also there Saturday.  Frank Dee Allison has been keeping us informed of his progress.   Thank God he is doing good and God love his daughters,  they are still staying right there for him.  Shelly is back with him again now and will be there a couple weeks.  He said his daughter, Sue and husband have been so good and faithful taking him back and forth to his appointments and whatever else they can do for him.

When I go to my skin doctor next Monday, it is across the street from where I’m going today.  Too bad I couldn’t have done both in one trip.

Also daughter, Anita has an appointment in Davenport today with the eye surgeon that will take a cataract off her left eye soon.  She can barely see out of that eye now so that will sure will be a relief.  He will do it in Muscatine so we plan on being there if it’s not on one of our appointment days.

I better get this ready to go so I can get ready to go.  So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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