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6-2-14. Welcome to June 2014. We had thunderstorms with heavy downpours last night and are supposed to have it again today. People have been working in the community gardens just over the fence here from where I live. They really have some big gardens over there. So maybe we’ll get some big veggies this summer. It’s for everyone. How nice of them. I’ll bet that hurts the Farmer’s Market growers some, but so be it. We’ve been having beautiful sunshiney weather most of the time. Just a tad too warm, but that’s okay. We may have to get a larger air conditioner, but that’s okay too.

We’re getting by pretty good. We put some hummingbird feeders out and watched and watched and finally one is coming around to drink. It’s a little red neck just like the one we had at the farm for so long. You can’t tell the difference.

Walt knows how much I miss my flowers at the farm so he bought me a beautiful big hanging basket of bright purple petunias. They’re hanging just outside the kitchen window where the sink is so when I do dishes I can enjoy them.

Well, Bro. Frank Dee Allison had his lung surgery and they ended up taking 2/3 of his lung instead of the 1/3 they had planned. So I assume and hope they got all of the cancer. I think God has answered our prayers. They had moved him out of ICU for some reason had to take him back there, so that gave all of us a scare. Now he’s in a private room and has walked some and called Walt this morning and sounded good. I got down on my knees beside the bed and thanked God for the good news.  Of course I had to tell Walt to stand by to help me back up. So with his help and me holding onto the bed I  made it back up.

We haven’t heard from son, Randy and Laura, anymore so we don’t know if they went back to Minnesota yet or not. Guess I’ll try to get a hold of them and tell them the good news about Frank Dee. He has 13 little great grandkids (Frank Dee), so in one of the Get-Well cards I sent him I told him he has a whole bunch of little people who need him and a whole bunch of big people too.

I haven’t talked to the kids in Muscatine for awhile, but I guess things are okay. Anita is to go to to the eye surgeon on the 3rd (tomorrow) to make an appt. for her catract surgery. When I find out when that’s going to be I will make an appt. for my colonoscopy and skin doctor. Walt’s sister, Cora of Geneseo, Illinois and his daughter, Berta of Davenport, have both been keeping him informed of his brother Dee’s progress. We appreciate that. Well, I declare I guess I’ve about rambled out for this time. I should take notes during the week because I always think of things after I’ve mailed it.

Ya’ll take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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