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Next Sunday if you can, come and enjoy a fellowship dinner with us after morning worship. We plan to gather in the fellowship hall for dinner and some good old-fashioned fellowship. I am on a restricted diet so there should be plenty for you and there will be at least one pie, so come and join us. You wouldn’t want it to go to waist, at least, not to mine.

We enjoyed a great Father’s Day this past Sunday. Hope you got to spend at least some part of it with your father. Our morning message came from Luke 15:11-32, the parable we usually refer to as the parable of the Prodigal Son. We explored several different aspects of that parable and decided it was actually, “The parable of a certain man and his two sons.”

We also discovered that, “It is better to deserve and not receive than it is to receive and not deserve.”

Our youth group, Team Christ’s Team, is going to start working on a play called “The Trial.” I will try to keep you posted as to when and where to look for this production.

Remember a few days ago when we were wondering if summer would ever get here? Well, surprise, even though it isn’t official yet, I think it’s here. Come and join us in worship any Sunday. We would love to have you with us, and don’t worry the pastor has had all his shots and that rumor that his “biting”, well that was just a rumor, don’t you know you shouldn’t believe every thing you hear.

Come and join us, and may our precious Lord keep you safely in His care is our prayer.

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