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Oak Grove Church

We were few in number this last Sunday, but we enjoyed a joyous time in the Lord and fellowship with one another. Again this week some of my dearest friends came and joined us for worship service and the Lord blessed us all.

The morning message was “Dedication” not only of the building, property and furnishings, but of the men and women in God’s service as well. Did you realize that when you gave your heart and life to the Lord that to God, you became most holy. The scripture says that all things, man, beast, property, or possessions; once dedicated to the Lord are seen by God as “most holy to him.”

Our evening service started with choir practice and then we went into preaching service. The message for the evening was “False Fire,” if you were there you know what that means, if you were not there you should have been, so remedy that and come join us next week. The planned message for morning worship service is, “Our Life’s Work, Tested,” come and see.

May God bless you and bring you into his service is our prayer.

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