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If you were tired of the cold and wet of winter, you probably enjoyed this past Lord’s Day with the patchy clouds, brilliant sunshine and high humidity, a little warm for some of us, but all in all gloriously beautiful Son-day.

Brother Eddie brought us a great Sunday school lesson out of the book of Haggai about obeying the Lord and it lead right into the morning worship service.

We were treated to three special songs, you missed the chance to hear a couple of sisters with that quality of harmony that only comes with growing up singing together, it sort of gives you goosebumps, and if you don’t want to sing along, you may need to look into shock therapy to get your heart rate up to par.

Then the morning message was taken from Luke 7:19-34, entitled “Children In The Marketplace.” We drew a comparison between the youth of that day and time and the youth of today. We came to conclusion that aside from the continously rapid increase of information availability, the youth of today are fundamentally the same as young people in the time of Christ.

Of course, the youth in that day and time, didn’t have playgrounds, sport venues, internet, Ipods, cell phones, X-Box, mall food courts, electronics of every type, shape and description. But they had much the same life choices to make and they were just as likely to make poor choices as any young person today.

Our evening message was taken from Matthew 12:30 entitled, “With Me or Against Me.” Jesus said we are one or the other, and no one can straddle the fence. We are eighter part of the solution or part of the problem. We are either on His side, or we are on the side of worldly wisdom, which in truth is ignorance and loss. Which side do you choose? No matter where you stand spiritually, come and join us in worship any Sunday morning or evening. We will try to make you feel welcome and at home.

It is our deepest desire that all who attend services at Oak Grove hear and received the gospel (the good news), that Jesus Christ is Lord and our Redeemer. May God watch over you and draw you to Himself is our prayer. Come and join us in worship service. He will bless you. We will love you. You will enjoy it. He will reward you and if we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. What’s the worst thing that could happen? We could say no, (but probably won’t, if it it within our power to help.)

The reason for our existence is to provide you with a place to worship the King of Kings, and learn more about him. Come, any time, you’ll be welcome. May the God of Creation bless you and keep you safe, and draw you unto himself.

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