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Father’s Day was observed in both the morning and evening services at Mt. Zion. Special recognition was given to the oldest father (John Venezia, age 89), the father who has been a Christian the longest (Bob Thompson, Sr., since 1939), and the father with the most descendents present (Donald Fitzgerald, with 2). Sister Cinda Thompson gave these three fathers a special gift; she was assisted by Andrew and Hadessa Fitzgerald.

The special song was a Father-Daughter duet by Jesse Paxton and Dana Fourman, accompanied by pianist, Cheryl Paxton.

The morning message by Pastor Bob Thompson, Jr. was entitled “As a Father.” His text was I Thess. 2:11, “Ye know how we exhorted and comforted and charged everyone of you, as a father doth his children.” An absent, abusive and apathetic father makes it difficult for his child to find God. The strong arm of Dad around the shoulders of his son, daughter and wife is the closest image of our Heavenly Father. The Apostle Paul gives us three characteristics of a father; he exhorts, comforts and charges. Fathers, determine in your hearts that your children will be counseled by your work and word, comforted by your relationship, and charged by your example and instruction.

In the evening service, there were two special songs. All the men sang and Sister Cinda sang a solo. Judy Murray gave a reading that had been written by Aunt Grace Murray and given at the Highway Church of the Nazarene in 1956. Then fourteen members of the congregation volunteered to give a tribute to their fathers: Pastor Bob, Sister Cinda, Alex Fourman, Dana Fourman, Linda Murray, Sheena Mahan, Wanda Trice, Jesse Paxton, Mary Thompson, Bob Thompson, Sr., Barbara Uhles, John Venezia, Donna Sue Haynes, and Brian Haynes.

Otis (Pete) Johnson preached at the Brush Arbor Church of God (Holiness) three Sunday mornings in June.

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