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This Sabbath Day has been long. My back has been hurting so I missed church today.

My sweet niece, Vickie Prock, called after church to check on me. She brought the message today and they spent some time in the afternoon with her Mom, Jo, for lunch and visiting.

I have been blessed with a loving family and many friends who care about one another. So much to praise God for.

My daughter-in-law, Terry, came by this evening. She had been with Monica helping her with some housework. Monica is getting closer to her due date and is anxious to meet her baby girl, as are we all.

Kasey came and mowed my yard this morning and weedeated. I surprised him with biscuits and gravy breakfast. I make my own biscuits which are not out of a can and my kids love them. This I rarely do anymore.

He and Kevin both left out for Illinois in the big trucks around noon, and were traveling together until Effingham.

Charlie’s kids and families were all home this weekend to honor him on his 84th birthday.

I appreciated a call from Zada Purtle Thursday to tell me she enjoys my items and also the Dogwood Ramblings. She likes when we write of times of long ago. In retrospect we must realize those days were not that long ago, just that things keep changing on us. I mean our age limitations, as well as, the world around us. I am rapidly progressing toward that big old 90 and I have lived through awesome changes. They say progress is good, but I worry that too much affluence has spoiled our children and influenced morality in our society so that most anything is acceptable.

I really enjoyed talking to my friend, Zada. She doesn’t know how many quilts she has made and given away. And she has enjoyed doing it. I just can’t imagine anyone not having a hobby that they are passionate about. So I appreciate you Zada for your friendship and for the call and you would be most welcome to come to lunch at the old Clark Schoolhouse and talk to my quilting buddies of your quilts and the times you have lived. We meet each Wednesday from 9 to 3.

Karen and Greg came by Wednesday to bring me a few things from town. I’m very appreciative of all my kids and what they do for me.

My niece, Robyn, and I went to club Wednesday. The ladies approved Robyn to become a member even though she says she isn’t good enough at quilting to do that, but she washes dishes and can help me hem quilts. And Robyn is willing to do whatever is needed. She will keep me from missing Norma so much.

We certainly are happy when anyone retires from the quilting aspect of our club if they realize their work is not acceptable. We get paid for many of our quilts by those who expect quality work and even the members do not want to have to take out and redo parts of their quilts.

We have had to turn away some who did not pass the permissable quilting test.

We now have twelve members and if it becomes apparent that anyone should no longer quilt, we hope they will accept that and do other work.

I can testify to the fact that it happens for I had to give up my happy quilting days due to arthritic fingers. So did Ruby Sievert and Billy embroiders and brings good food.

Everyone far and wide are praying for Marsha Collins who was involved in a bad wreck with Stan. Stan has been released and Marsha will be at Mercy for some time. I haven’t heard if she has had surgery yet. So we must hold them up in prayers.

To those of you who grew up on Little Creek and who take the paper for news from home, I will explain that Marsha is (I think) the next to last of Iva Degase Turner’s and Uncle Cecil Turner’s children.

Marsha is always about her father’s business and in service to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I heard Marsha preach a very good sermon in our church not very long ago and I believe it was her first. Our prayers are fervent and constant for Marsha, Stan and family.

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