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Little Creek

It is a beautiful day that the Lord has given us. The Sabbath Day was a day well spent as well. I am thankful for each day I am given and to Him I give the praise.

I enjoyed our lesson taught by our good teacher, Danny, and the sermon from St. John ministered by Aaron. Ruth gave a good testimony and Nicole read scripture as she does each Sunday. And we finally had Debra Delp play the piano. We were most appreciative for we have missed Nina since she moved to West Plains.

The church gave us all new Apostlic Study Bibles. I already studied some in Genesis last night.

Then after church I spent the afternoon with both my sisters, Jean and Jo at Jean and Jim’s house. Jean prepared a delicious dinner and we all shared together including Jim and Rusty.

Aaron and Ruth spent the rest of the evening with me before church. And Kasey came to mow the yard while Terry and I visited. Karen, Nikki and Kevin were here at various times.

Nicole has been visiting Mom, Karen and Greg serveral times recently. They just brought home a little beautiful Jack Russell terrior. I’m not sure who she belongs to because everyone fell in love with her. I think Nikki will take her when she moves to a new place soon. The pup is Weezie.

Karen and Nicole came by to show me the puppy and an awesomely beautiful quilt all done by hand. Nicole learned to quilt when she was very young and would go to quilting club with me. This quilt is for a special young man who is going to appreciate it for a very long time.

Robyn and I go to Nimble Thimble Quilt Club every week and I am glad I have someone to take me again. Our members have developed a special bond and we are all proud of our quilting expertise and some of our quilts go to far off states. So when we get so that we can’t do quality work we stop and do something else. Billy embroiders and I do most of the hemming, and a little bit of cleaning. We miss those gone on to a better adventure and those like Nikki who went to college and moved away, and Barb whose health issues have kept her home. I especially miss Norma and my Aunt Iva and we do not forget Ruby Sievert who is in the health care center.

I have been sorting and cleaning magazines out of our shelf which is filled to capacity. I can just hear Norma whispering quietly to me, ” We do not need that many, so let’s just get rid of most of this.” I miss her in my corner.

I have also been cleaning my sewing room for a couple weeks. I tire easily. In a box of fabric I found hidden treasures, namely a few print feed sacks, reminding me of a lifestyle long gone in America. For as our country has progressed, our values seem to have changed from a society that used to make do with what was on hand to one that throws everything away. My feed sacks exemplify a time when people worked together and a time when a few printed feed sacks was very much appreciated in the form of a pretty dress and in quilts from the scraps. Then when we out grew the dresses they were not thrown away, they were cut up and pieced in the quilts.

Maybe the reason we all enjoy making quilts is partly because it gives us time to reflect and our quilts are a tangible link between then and now and we can recapture some of the finer aspects of yesteryear as we enjoy being together on the best day of our week.

As I have proof read my ramblings, I wonder, like Carol Boeddeker-Genet, if my thoughts bore you. If so, let me know.

Now as I step off my soap box, I am thinking of a quilt pattern that will show off my pretty feed sack fabric, a pattern that will join the best of both times!

I always enjoy the Dogwood Ramblinggs and I vividly remember the years of a hundred Holsteins to be milked twice a day and the endless cleaning. To this day, I cannot stand the smell of bleach. We also started out milking 18 cows by hand and drawing water by rope and pulley to keep the milk cool. I remember the butter and the plentiful cold milk that fed my husband and I and five kids all the milk we wanted, for we never ran out.

And sometimes I too like to recall things of years past. So Carol please keep writing of old days and old ways.

Although I like to remember the lifestyle of the long ago, I do not long for the outhouse with the Sears catalogue toilet paper or drawing water from a well. There has been a price to pay for all our modern conveniences, probably most noticeable in our lack of time to appreciate the simple things in life. This generation can never grasp the attitude for simply simplicity.

Greetings to Lorene (I love the card), Betty and Lynda, Ruth and Maxine, Retha, and all my readers and friends. May your days be filled with joy with Jesus as your companion and guide. God bless us all!

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