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Saturday James and I attended the benefit at Red Bank Church for Rev. Jon Mitchell, Sr. We really enjoyed the singing, testimonies, the good visiting and seeing and aggravating Irene Swearengin. It is always good to see her and Alice and Jim Nelson from Eastern Gate Church. There wasn’t a big crowd, but it sure was a good event. I know Jon and Mary appreciate the love offering.

Sunday after church at Garrison we went to the homecoming at Eastern Gate. We enjoyed the special songs and testimonies and seeing everyone. Jane Pruett got to be there. It is always a joy to see and be in church with her.

Congratulations to Tracey (Rozell) Stepp. She retired from 29 years of teaching, but will work two days a week next year.

Mylea and Molly Mertoldie had a good time at Rail Road Days in Chadwick, Missouri. The turtle races were exciting and Tammy Payne bought her granddaughters each a bunny. They were excited and were showing pictures of their bunnies at church.

I had a nice chat with Debbie Harvill by phone. We always have some good laughs. Weatherman said Sunday we will have this unsetled weather all through June.

Get-well wishes to Dewey Lassley. He fell and broke his hip and arm on the same side of his body. That will be hard therapy. Get-well wishes to Kit Grimes.

Sunday night Rob Powell from the Gideons came and spoke. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. He received a nice offering to help buy Bibles.

Sunday 63 were present. Pastor read II Kings 2:9-11. How are you going to leave this world? And what do you expect on the other side? Cora Michael did a special. Jerry and Sharon Mitchell gave an anniversary offering. They celebrated 52 years together. Sawyer Guerin had a birthday.

Friday James and me visited a few minutes with  Dillon Morrison and his sister, Huba Rozell at Old Boston Cemetery.

David Halcomb visited James Saturday and they did some weedeating. The grass and weeds are growing with all the rain. Monday they went to town together.

John and Connie Siler visited her parents, Junior and Betty Halcomb, last week.

I goofed last week, my sister has three great-grandsons. I guess I did not count the one who has the new sister. I think my age is showing.

Ronnie Maggard, Loetta Nelson, Crissie Coaltrain, Keirsten Nelson, Wyatt and Connor visited Jerry Nelson Saturday. Jerry and Loetta were watching the kids play basketball when we passed by coming home from the benefit.

Monday James and I visited Bub and Melissa Payne to see the new baby boy, Scott Blayze, born June 2. He was a week old Monday. James and I both held him.

Mickey, Deb and Sybil Harvill visited Casey and Kim Ewing and Garrett to see the new baby girl, Regan Michelle.

My sympathy sent to the Richard Mitchell family. He will be greatly missed.

It was good to see Lonnie Thompson at Garrison Sunday. He came with his daughter and her friends.

Monday I visited Sybill Harvill, Rex Halcomb and also our sister, Sybil.

Have a good weekend.

A little boy said if grandpa is resting his eyes, why is he snoring?

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