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Another Memorial Day behind us. Flowers look nice on graves remembering their loved ones.

My calendar says May 26th Memorial Day observed and May 30th traditional. Years ago I have heard my mom and Matle Morrison talk about cutting roses and putting in a basket and going to cemeteries laying a rose on the grave. They didn’t use artificial or if they had such a thing people probably could not afford them. I have a rose bush and it probably will not bloom until around the 30th. Of course Memorial Day started with putting flowers on soldiers graves. A week ago Sunday James asked our veterans to stand and they received a round of applause.

Friday James and I visited Jerry Nelson and Juanita, Loetta, Kierstin and boys were there.

Sympathy sent to Rev. Jon and Mary Mitchell, her dad passed away, and Judge Mark Orr. He is Dean and Mary Adams’ of Ozark, son-in-law. The Adams own Adams Funral Home.

Janie Morrison is feeling better. Several of her family members have been visiting her. Iona Maggard called her and seemed to be doing good.

James and I visited Kit and Julie Grimes and Logan Thursday. We took her a graduation card and gift. They sure have a nice home. They built on and it looks good.

I talked by phone with Irene Swearengin. Roger was picking tame goosberries. She has a good man like mine, always busy.

I visited Junior and Betty Halcomb and stopped by Sybil Harvill’s. She had been to see her new great granddaughter. She has two great granddaughters and two great grandsons. Sybil said big brother, Garrett said she’s pretty isn’t she? Sybil’s daughter-in-law, Deb, was mowing her yard and Sybil’s Saturday.

Saturday David and Rex Halcomb visited James and me. Wednesday John Siler visited.

Some are getting rain, some not and some are getting too much. It sure is a insect year and lots of ticks of any size.

Bring your song and covered dish to Red Bank Church Saturday June 7th to help Rev. Jon and Mary Mitchell. Jon pastors Oakwood.

Bible School at Garrison is set for the 3rd week of July starting the 21st with program on the 25th. All are welcome.

James brought the Sunday message at Garrison from Luke 8:41-56. You can handle your troubles through Jesus. You can’t over dose on His love.

Railroad days at Chadwick Saturday. Some of our kids have got us looking for turtles for the race.

Scott (Bub) and Melissa Payne have a new baby boy who was born June 2nd. Bub will coach and teach at Ava High School and Melissa will teach in the middle school. They are a very good couple. Bub is one of our young deacons at Garrison.

Have a good week.

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