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We greet you again from our wonderful home.  It is really beautiful now with lawns mowed so smoothly and flowers blooming in pots and baskets everywhere.  It helps one to feel better just by enjoying the flowers and plants.

But, also, we have enjoyed sweet, juicy watermelon at occasions on two different days.   All as a gift from Galen Hall of Calfornia.  We still had 1 gallon of sweet watermelon chunks left for breakfast.  Isn’t that wonderful?  And we still have money left for an ice cream feast.

Residents enjoy the weekly van ride with Darrell Issac. They never know where they will go, but they always know they will end up at Sonic for ice cream treats.

We have  chosen LaVern Ashby to represent our home in the Missouri Healthcare Queen Pagent.  She has graciously agreed to represent our home.  For the last two years Maxine Lirley has been chosen and did quite well by winning 1st and 2nd places out of 40 homes.  We feel LaVern is a winner as she is a beautiful lady, friendly and cheerful and well known as she spent many hours working for the Division of Family Services.  We send her to respresent us with pride this year.  It is to be held in Springfeild, MO.

Our 29th Annual 4th of July Celebration is being prepared for June 27th.  If you would like to have a booth or exhibit please call Connie at 417-683-4129, now is time to make arrangements.

We have been having many visitors in our home due to the holiday.  Several residents were surprised by all the family visits they received.

Resident’s Council was held on Tuesday morning with our ombudsman, Norma Stillings attending.  Many things were discussed in the meeting.   Our home is on the list to get a new roof, so much rain this spring we have had a couple of leaks.  Norma encouraged us to study our book of policy to know what to expect of our home.  She praised our home for being a home.

We encourage visitors and volunteer help. Cassidy Nelson came in to volunteer for the summer.  This is good for us and educational for her.  We appreciate it, Cassidy.

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the families of Virgil McCarty and Gary Frickle.   We would like to welcome new residents to our home, they are Linda Hotchkiss and Don Nelson.

God Bless You from Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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