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We had a great Vacation Bible School with six children saved. We also had a lot of fun, food and fellowship. The rain came late Friday afternoon and almost spoiled the pool party, but God intervened and we were able to complete a great week.

Our morning service began with Bro. Dale greeting all with a good morning to everyone. We had many prayer requests. Prayer was led by Sister Shirley. We had the pledges to the flags and to the Bible. We sang for Jesus and gave our gifts for Sunday school with Bro. Gregg blessing them. The Sunday school classes took their places. Bro. Bob greeted all with a good morning and brought the lesson from Acts 4:18-31. We had class comments and discussion. It was a good lesson. It was then time to sing for the Lord. The choir was in good voice. We had a special from Sister Peggy.

Bro. Gregg began with prayer and used Jeremiah 12:6-10. It was a good message from the Lord. We closed with a song and altar prayer then was dismissed by Bro. Bob.

The evening service began with our prayer circle. We had many prayer requests. We sang for the Lord and had some specials from Sister Peggy, Sister Ulla and Sister Dianne.

Bro. Gregg opened with prayer and brought his message from Obadiah, verse 17. He fed us well. God is good. We closed with a song and Bro. Gregg dismissed us with prayer. It was a great day in the Lord.

Sister Mary and I went to Gentry Church for the Fourth Sunday Singing. If you were not there you missed a big blessing.

Speaking of singing, Happy Home Church will have their Fourth Saturday Night Singing, June 28th at 7:00 p.m. Come and join us for a fun evening of music, food and fellowship.

Have a great week, keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.

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