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Goodhope News

Last Weeks News – We had a beautiful day Sunday with the Lord in His house at Goodhope General Baptist with attendance of 84, however, our hearts were saddened at the passing of a dear friend and neighbor, Richard Mitchell.

Bro. Lance took all prayer requests, had prayer and special prayer for the Mitchell family.

Bro. David Lafferty did a special as he played piano. We appreciate Bro. David and his talent on piano. We appreciate all our musicians.

After the children took up the penny march (which is always a joy to watch) and congregational singing, tithes and offerings were taken for the Lord after prayer was given.

Bro. Lance stood behind the pulpit in absence of our pastor, Bro. David Welsh, who was sick. Bro. Lance used scripture Matthew 6:5-15, “Power in Prayer.” Bro. Lance did a very good job delivering God’s word. At the close of service Bro. Lance asked people to come forward with special needs, there were several who went forward. There is definitely “Power in Prayer.” Sometimes we have to wait on the answer, but God knows best and knows our needs.

Sunday night service was dismissed due to Richard Mitchell’s visitation.

Darrell George visited with Ervin and Lodean one day and brought them some eggs.

This Weeks News – Our attendance at Goodhope General Baptist was 54. We were down in attendance, but the Holy Spirit was working on people’s hearts. Several were out due to having families for Father’s Day.

After Bro. Lance read announcements and prayed over prayer requests, we had good singing, tithes and offerings were also taken.

Susie Adams did a special and just before Pastor Dave preached the congregation sang. Pastor Dave by the reading of God and the Holy Spirit chose Rev. 3:1-5. His message must be ordained by God. What an annointed message. People were receptive and responded by going to the altar and praying. “Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary pure and holy, tried and true.”

Bro. Carl Whorton came forward and gave an annointed testimony. He spoke from his heart.

Sunday dinner guests of Ron, Judy and Jerry of Ava for Father’s Day were Ervin, Lodean, Sue, Pam and Cody, Rod, Lisa and Kayli, Dianne and her friend, Rick.

Monday, Ron and Judy came out and helped me get some more little trees planted and did some mowing.

We are so thankful for all the rain we are getting, not to gripe, but our veggies could use some sunshine.

Norma Cross and Pauline Richards returned home Thursday after spending a week in Oklahoma with relatives. Pauline attended a wedding for her great niece on the 7th of June. She got to visit with nieces and nephews that she hadn’t seen for a while. Most of the days were spent with her sister, Georgia Sanders, who is house bound.

The Thompsons’, Kelly, DeAnn, Kinsey, Kailey, Kyle and Cole returned Monday afternoon after spending last week on a cruise.

II Corinthians 8:7, “Therefore, as ye abound in everything, in faith and utterance, and knowledge and in all diligence and in your love to us, see that ye abound in this grace also.

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