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Last Weeks News, May 25 – A beautiful day to worship the Lord in His house Sunday.

Worship service opened with attendance of 72. Several were out due to Memorial Day and traveling.

Pastor Dave asked Bro. Carl Whorton, Shorty Guerin, Donny Rasch, Roy Reed, Jerry Hawkins and Lance Stillings to come to the altar, they prayed over the worship service. Beautiful prayer went to Heaven.

Bro. Lance welcomed everyone, read announcements, had several prayer requests, had prayer over all requests. There’s power in prayer.

We had good congregational singing, good handshaking with everyone. Tithes and offerings were taken then Bro. David Lafferty sang a beautiful song as he played piano for a special.

Pastor Dave presented Bro. Bob Nagel with a baptismal certificate. Thank the Lord! Many a prayer has been prayed for Bro. Bob.

Pastor Dave chose Col. 3:12-17 for his inspiring message on “Love and Compassion.” He also chose Matt. 5:38-42 and Romans 8:11-18. It was a very spirit filled message. When altar call was given, people responded, God was there, the Holy Spirit was working.

Due to Memorial Day Sunday night service was cancelled.

We welcome our visitors and pray they come back to worship with us.

Saturday Rod, Lisa, Kayli and I (Sue) went to Ava Cemetery to the late Tom Brown grave and decorated with flowers. Then we went to Taco Bell for lunch. When we got home Rod mowed my lawn and Lisa, Kayli and I put mulch around the six small trees I had planted with the help of my brother. Just got done, here came the rain, before long we will have to mow again. We need the rain. Wednesday I (Sue) took Pappy and Granny to Springfield to my grandparent’s graves and Uncle and Aunt’s graves. We went to Aldi’s and did some shopping. Then on our way home we stopped at Ozark at KFC for lunch. We saw Betty Bricker and Debbie Petro while there.

Tuesday Sue had to go to the doctor at the Fordland Clinic to find out she had asthma and allergies.

June 1 – What a beautiful day Sunday was to go to the house of God to worship Him in spirit and truth. God was there and the Holy Spirit was definitely moving at Goodhope General Baptist. Bro. Dave called several men from the audience to come up front, join hands in a circle to pray over the worship service. Our attendance was 75.

After Bro. Lance read announcements, took prayer requests, they had prayer. We had congregational singing and had instrumental as children did penny march. It is always a joy to watch the younger ones march down the aisles anxiously watching the congregation dig in their pockets to throw change in their baskets.

We certainly enjoy having Larry Morrison join in music with his bass guitar.

Miss Susie Adams did a special song.

Pastor Dave chose for his Sunday morning sermon Rev. 3:1-5, “How welcome is the Holy Spirit?” Also I Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” Stay strong in the Lord. When we call on Jesus the devil has to flee, he can’t walk through the blood of Jesus. When the altar call was given people responded. Pastor Dave annointed several with oil then prayed over them who had a need. There’s power in prayer.

Sunday evening we had good singing with good testimonies. Pastor Dave chose Psalm 33:1-11, Worship. Worship is not to glorify man an his talents and gifts, but glorify God. Worship through song, worship with praise, worship playing an instrument for the Lord.

Sue went with Lisa and Kayli and Lisa’s sister, Dottie, to Carthage Wednesday to the Nazarene District Assembly. Sue and Kayli spent some “quality time” grandmother and granddaughter and went to the Precious Moments chapel.

Friday night Sue went to Seymour to help Kayli celebrate her 16th birthday and her parents, Rod and Lisa, and Kayli’s friend, Kayla Cornett. Wow, how time flies. When Kayli was born she weighed two pounds. Yes! There’s power in prayer.

We went to the Mt. Tabor Cemetery to decorate Dick Richards and Steven, Arthur and Lois Richards’ graves. It started raining so we didn’t get the other Richards decorated. Sunday evening DeAnn, Kailey, Kyle and I went to the Bethel Cemetery where Granny Richards’ family is buried and then on to Fannon Cemetery to decorate Helen (Richards) Dobbins grave. We got to visit with Ronnie and Betty Dobbins while we were there.

Monday DeAnn sat at Walnut Grove Cemetery in the afternoon. Kaily and I went over there to decorate later that evening.

Kailey mowed the grass for me this week between showers. She did a good job for her first time using the cub cadet zero turn mower.

I was glad to hear Arlene Henningsen is improving after her fall last week.

The rain is so welcome in this area.

Wednesday before decoration day, Jim Haas and his daughter, LeAnn and granddaughter, Kaylie, drove up from Skiatook, Oklahoma to decorate the grave of his wife, Reatha (Jenkins) Haas. They stopped by Norma Cross’ home in Goodhope for a visit and lunch with Pauline Richards and Norma.

Friday, Danny and Beth Maloney from Sparta planted some tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for me and while they were here did some other things.

Saturday the 24th the Annual Jenkins Reunion was held on the porch of the old Goodhope Store. After our picnic lunch, several went out to the Jenkins Cemetery to decorate our loved ones that have gone on. Our crowd has gotten a lot smaller because of deaths and some were unable to come because of illness. Going to the Jenkins Cemetery were Kelly, DeAnn, Kinsey, Kailey and Kyle and me.

Norma and I went to Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center Friday. We visited with some residents and had lunch with Roxie Johnson. They serve a real good rueben sandwich there. We went to see Ed Hall, but he wasn’t home. Ed had been in and out of the hospital lately. Kenny and Seth Hunt from Springfield are at Norma’s this weekend. She will be taking them home Tuesday.

After the tornado that hit Goodhope a couple of a weeks ago Dwain Davis and Roxann fixed the roof on the well house for Norma at the store building.

If you are driving down 76 south or west, or highway 5 south, look out for a new driver that turned 16 June 1st – Kinsey Thompson. Kelly, DeAnn, Kailey and Kyle, Pauline, Donnie, Carol and Cole went out for dinner Saturday eveing to help her celebrate her special birthday.

I Corinthians 1:10, “Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no division among you, but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind to the same judgement.

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