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It’s been a great week this week. We had lots of good rain, and lots of sunshine to follow. God is good!

My niece, Sis. Kay, had a birthday this last week. If you want to know her age, just ask her husband, Larry, he just loves to share and tell her age! Zack is still visiting with them this week and I think Casey, Heather, Dakota and Kale are coming in for vacation this week. So grandpa and grandma will have some more fun times.

Keep remembering the sick in our church and in the community in  your prayers. Remember their families as well. We don’t, or should I say, I don’t give God enough thanks for the health I have and all the many blessings he gives to me. So sorry to hear of those who are facing illnesses and treatments, but we have a great God who knows all things, and hears us when we call on Him.

Our Bible School is planned for the last week in July. Sis. Jennifer has another great week planned for us I’m sure. She has been so good to do our Bible School for the last few years and does a great job getting it all organized and put together. If you have little ones, we’d love to have them come. I will give more information as we get closer to the time.

Sis. Naomi is still not feeling good. She is having some problems with her feet and legs. Sis. Freeda had lunch with her Sunday after church. We sure do miss her when she can’t be with us. We miss her beautiful voice in songs and testimonies!

Bro. Jim and Sis. Maxine had a good vacation. However, they weren’t just at the lake. They had went to the Smoky Mountains. I told them Sunday I was sorry, I’d reported last week they had went to the lake. Bro. Jim said that was ok, they had went by several lakes!

Sis. Maxine’s message Sunday morning was in Colossians 2, speaking on what a church is. Not speaking of the church house, but the people who are within, are they doing as God’s word says?

Are you being instructed from the word of God, through preaching, and Bible teachings? Are you being encouraged? God always gives us the ability and equipment to do what he asks us to do. Are you being included in the church? Are you being welcomed? As I read verse 2 and 3, it went along with something that Sis. Maxine had said in her preaching. It says in verse 3, that in whom, meaning God, The Father, and Christ, are hid ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Sis . Maxine had said, we are just the containers, and God is the treasure inside, when we are living for Him, we are nothing. But God is what makes us something! We are complete in Christ.

Sunday evening Sis. Maxine used I Kings 17. The story Of Elijah and all the ways God used him. What great stories are here to read about Elijah and all he did with the help of the Lord. We sometimes may think that the Bible men and women we have heard of and read about are extraordinary people, when they were in fact just ordinary people like you and I. They were just willing to do as God led them to do and He blessed them abundantly and used them to do His will. What a better land we would live in today if we all would agree to do what God had for us to do. What used to be wrong in our world is no longer wrong, it’s okay. But if it was wrong before, it’s still wrong today. Just because our society has some new rules, doesn’t mean they are God’s rules, and what He says in His word is wrong, is still wrong. If it’s not acceptable to God, it shouldn’t be acceptable to us. That doesn’t mean we are not to love and care about everyone, no matter what their thoughts and actions are, we just don’t have to love their ways.

It was good to have some visitors Sunday and some who hadn’t been there in a while. You are missed when you aren’t here. Hope everyone has a great week. If you don’t have a home church, we would  love to have you at Girdner. If you haven’t been here in a while, It’s you we are missing!

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