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Girdner Church

Last week I failed to get our news in, so I have a little from last week. Bro. Gary and Sis. Connie had a wedding anniversary last week. Sis. Freeda had a birthday. Congratulations to the three of them.

Bro. Larry and Sis. Kay had their grandson Dakota Pierce, visiting this last week. Sure was good to see him. This week, Zachery Pierce has come to spend some time with grandpa and grandma. Fun times for everyone. Sure is good to see these boys, they have growed up so fast!

Please continue to remember our families that are having health issues. We have several in our church, as well as, the community. Remember those who have lost loved ones, as well.

Bro. Jim and Sis. Maxine have been enjoying some time at the lake this last week, hope they have had a wonderful time!

Sunday morning Sis. Maxine preached from Colossians 1:26. Sometimes when we share Christ’s love and care for us, we fail to tell,  that along with having Jesus to care for us, doesn’t mean we won’t have stuggles. As long as we are in this life, we will have satan to always throw those things in to try to trip us up. Sometimes the purpose for our trials and struggles may be to bring us closer to or more like Christ! We need to read God’s word, be in God’s house, share Christ with family and friends, all these things will help us have a closer walk wth Christ. God wants our committment to Him most of all.

Sis. Freeda preached for us Sunday night from 1 John: 4. In the 4th verse it says, “Greater is He, that is in you, than he that is the world.” That tells me, as long as I have Jesus living in me, the satan of this world is just 2nd in power. So very thankful for this! While we wait for Christ’s return, He has given us a great Holy Spirit, to guide and comfort us and to go to our Father and speak the words we sometimes don’t have the words to say, or even know what we need to say. As we go through this week, may we all remember the great love that God has for each and every one of us. He gave His only son, for all of us. So lets give Him the thanks and love He deserves for what He has done for us and for all the many blessings He sends our way each day.

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