Gentry News

After prayer and singing, we studied in Sunday school class on how God works in the lives of His people and gives them hope.

Happy Birthday wishes went out to Jim Ginder.

The special song was by the men’s group, Wendell Deo, Narvil Tetrick, Jackson Beard, Joie and Rod Welker.

Many prayer requests were sent up to our ever-loving Savior and remember Sharon Ginder Young’s daughter in Georgia. She is battling cancer and taking chemo.

Gentry Church hosted the Fourth Sunday Singing and the next one is at Faith Rock Church.

Visiting with me this past week was my brother, Wayne and his wife, Pam Henderson from Independence, MO. We attended the Ava Family Theater Thursday Night and enjoyed some good music.

Pastor Lafferty’s morning message was from Luke, chapter 17. It is impossible that offenses won’t come in our lives from time to time and we ourselves may offend someone and not meaning to, but we as Christians, our job is to be kind, tender hearted, help, forgive and have the faith to overcome and not judge others.