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Fourth Sunday Singing

The regular 4th Sunday Singing was held at Gentry Church, June 22, 2014.  The welcome was given by Emcee, Sybil Gheer and Bro. Keith Lafferty opened with prayer. The song books were provided by the Church; 45 present; 32 songs shared. The next Singing will be at Faith Rock, July 27.


The following churches were recognized: Ava General Baptist, Breedon, Gentry, Girdner, Happy Home, Life, St. Leo’s, Calvery Baptist of Blue Springs, Mo and Bellview Baptist of Pensacola, Florida.


Preachers: Keith Lafferty (Gentry), Joe Lafferty (Breedon), Lee Hampton (Breedon), Maxine Lund (Girdner).


Instrumentalists: Piano: Sybil Gheer, Jena Moyer, Susie Sisco, Sue Thomas, Joann Welker; Guitar: Lee Allen, Joe Lafferty, Edgar Stewart; Electric Guitar: Voyne Stewart;  Bass Guitar: Jerry Moyer.


Special music:  Soloist: Sybil Gheer, Peggy Potts, Sharon Skaggs; Norvell Tetrick (recitation) accompanied by Joann Welker; Duet: June Durden and Susie Sisco; Sybil Gheer and Edgar Stewart; Quartet: Joe and Claire Lafferty, Susie Sisco, June Durden, Ronnie Thomas, accompanied by Sue Thomas; Instrumentalist: Voyne Stewart, Edgar Stewart, Jerry and Jena Moyer; and the preacher’s quartet: Keith Lafferty, Joe Lafferty, Lee Hampton, June Durden and Susie Sisco; Church groups: Gentry, Breedon.  The Singing was dismissed by Jerry Moyer.


See ya at Faith Rock, July 27.

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