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Hello once again to all my friends and neighbors.

What a week this has been. Can you believe all the good rain? It’s sure good on the hay fields and gardens. Making it difficult for the farmer to get the hay cut that is ready. Also making the yard grow keeps Roger busy mowing. Levi did do some trimming with the weedeater one day.

Last Saturday evening I went to Darrel and Audean’s and had hamburgers with them. Kurtis did the cooking on the grill. It sure was good.

Brett and Kayla got back from their honeymoon to Florida and they came here with more friends last evening. They took Ethan and they all went catfishing. I think they must have done good because they had a fish fry tonight at Brett’s house.

I guess you can tell by now that I don’t have any news to write.

I’m still working on my quilt that Bernice brought me the blocks to put together. I’ve about got it done.

Next week I go to Springfield to see my eye doctor. Ethan told me one night to get me some real glasses this time then he won’t have to read the ball scores on the television for me.

I guess I’d better sign off for this time.

You all have a good week. Pray for those that need praying for!

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