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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

We had such a wonderful weekend full of God’s blessings. Roger and I started out by cleaning the church house getting ready for our home coming Sunday. Saturday afternoon I went over to Red Bank Church for the benefit for Jon and Mary Mitchell. The turn out was low in number, but we sure had a great time. We had lots of special singing and good testimony and fellowship with friends I don’t see often enough.

I also met a nice young man and his family, now this young man is a preacher and a singer. I introduced him to Jimmy and Alice and told him that we (from Eastern Gate) just might be calling him to preach for us in the nearby future.

Sunday we had a good crowd for our homecoming service and several came from their home church to join us later. We don’t want to call them visitors because they are  very much a part of our extended family here at Eastern Gate and we sure do appreciate them.

We had a nice afternoon of singing, testimonies and fellowship with one another.

We were sadden to hear of the news of Richard Mitchell, I know he is in a much better place with our Lord and no longer suffering. It’s the family that we need to pray for, they will be lonely and sad for a long time.

I hope your garden is growing by leaps and bounds with all the good rain we are receiving. We talked in Sunday school about all the blessings we receive every day and we don’t even realize how blessed we truly are, so for today make a list and thank God for every single blessing that He has given you from the time you got out of bed till  nighttime. You may be surprised how many there are. Till next time take care.

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