Dogwood Ramblings

We had a few nice days for haying so Randy and Ronnie were quite busy as the fields are here and there.  Then, in spite of my saying I wouldn’t do anything anymore with cattle, on Wednesday and Thursday I did help Randy as he loaded up 3 trailer loads of cattle to be taken to greener pastures.  My contribution was minimal.  Then, Ronnie helped Randy move more cattle.  The cows are easier as they’ve been loaded before.  The younger cattle, of course, had to be encouraged to load up.  It is a good feeling to have the hay in the barn and cattle on fresh grass!

The Boeddeker and Schultz families had a last minute potluck last Friday night.  It is amazing what a person can come up with on short notice.  We had lasagna, pizza, sautéed shrimp, corn on the cob, green salad, grilled chicken, brownies and heavenly pie, just to name a few things.  Rex Boeddeker and Samuel Schultz found they have similar interest in computers while Rachel Schultz and Reanna Boeddeker were doing giggly girl things.  It rained so we spent most our time on the porch.  We learned more about Mike Schultz’ interesting vocation of making sharks and other creatures for movies.  I’ve seen two of the movies with his sharks on the Sci-Fi channel and he does a good job.  They can be scary.

Another nice phone visit with Patsy Williams!  It seems she has family with her most of the time.  She said Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church’ adults and children spent a day at Camp Calvary, a Baptist camping facility between Willow Springs and Hartville, recently and they returned red, hot and happy as larks.  They enjoyed the day swimming and eating pizza, chips and sodas.

The every other year reunion gathering of the Breedlove/Pruitt families was this past Sunday at Tom and Angela Breedlove’s place.  Many came from out-of-state.  There were vehicles parked everywhere on this fine day and they had a cookout with lots of food and visiting.

Randy Boeddeker and his long time friend Roger Johnson went to the annual Spring Spear Fishing doings at Pontiac Cove Marina, the event sponsored by Matt Wade.  Randy won first prize in the Walleye Division and had a great time.  It seems many in my family can survive on venison, spear fishing and  wild turkey.  With the prices of beef in the stores this makes for quite a savings.

I’ve been hearing of some bear stories from this community.  Too bad they don’t hunt and eat armadillos.  Some have heard Whippoorwills for the first time in years and it seems there are more squirrels around.  For years there was a pair of doves nesting here, but this year, only one of them.  As they pair for life it seems something must have happened to one of them.  So sad!

We had an interesting service at St. Leo’s on Sunday with Mass being offered by a Maryknoll Missionary.  Do pray for all, especially the ill, the disabled, the elderly, and for all babies and children.