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Oh, how I detest computer problems, some of which must be my own fault (perhaps just plain age!)   Unfortunately, the computer has become for me a major source of contact with so many people; family, friends, inquiries, genealogy, and of course, some mind enhancing games.  I operate just on the fringe of electronic usage, uncomfortable programming anything, search ability limited.  In his infinite goodness, Our Lord has provided me with a grandson who assists in getting things working again while he razzes me.  I don’t think I am alone in this electronic “fumbuzzle”.  Even my cell phone use is minimal as it can be confusing and doesn’t work well on this hill.

A couple of nice newsy calls came from relatives in Minnesota.  It is always good to reminisce as we moved away from up north in 1963 to better support our sons.  Sad thing about these memories is that names from old seem to escape us on occasion.  I can usually refer to genealogy data, but not when it is about friends and their families.

Patsy Williams called for a nice phone visit.  Patsy says she has been busy with Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Bible School in the evenings, which ended on Saturday with an ice cream doings for the children and parents.  The children have also enjoyed a visit to the zoo in Springfield recently, all wearing new green T-shirts with a Pleasant Ridge logo so the children could be kept track of with all their running-around enthusiasm.  Cherise has been furthering her education through OTC which often places little Matthew in Patsy’s loving care.

Patsy reported on something new to me called Wild Cat Fever.  Apparently this is caused by a tick bite and several area cats have died quickly from this in spite of antibiotic treatment by a vet.  A Google search did provide answers.  Wikipedia reports: Cytauxzoon felis is a protozoal organism transmitted to domestic cats by tick bites, and whose natural reservoir host is the bobcat. C. felis has been found in other wild felid species such as Florida bobcat, eastern bobcat, Texas cougar, and a white tiger in captivity. C. felis infection is limited to the family felidae which means that C. felis poses no zoonotic (transmission to humans) risk or agricultural (transmission to farm animals) risk. Until recently it was believed that after infection with C. felis, pet cats almost always died. As awareness of C. felis has increased it has been found that treatment is not always futile. More cats have been shown to survive the infection than was previously thought.  New treatments offer as much as 60% survival rate.

Angela Breedlove is now well past her foot surgery and is back to work.  Tom Breedlove, being such a good neighbor, has been helping Patsy with weed eating, etc.  As mentioned quite some time ago, Jamey Herd has had health problems for many months and now has more tests to endure.  Also, it seems Billy Joe Herd has also been under the weather as has Mary Wanda Dugan.  Bob Wagner has been out mowing and Aaron and crew came here and did some mowing for me and others in this area.  Two ride-on mowing machines and a weed eater got the work done quickly.

With some dry days promised, hopefully many of us will get some hay cut, dried, raked and baled before the sky leaks again.  From what I hear the clover has been slow this spring while the fescue grass has grown like crazy.  Dandelions of course, don’t care what the weather is.  Sunday morning weather reports indicated more rain for that day, but a hope for 3 or 4 dry days to follow.  Of course, the armadillos are happily digging up grubs in our yards!

Be safe!  Pray for our nation.  Give thanks to Our Lord for what you have.

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